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Even before I became a housewife, I liked cooking all because my mom has exposed me to the kitchen early on which lead me to appreciate watching cooking shows. Watching other people (professionals at that) cook somewhat became therapeutic for me. The sizzling sound of sautéed food, the detailed description of each ingredient, and the tantalising look on the cook/chef’s face every time he or she tastes his or her dish–a clear sign of how delicious it is–these are just some of the reasons why I love watching cooking shows. Aside from it being enticing & appetizing, I also learn a few cooking tips as well.

One of the shows I love watching is Nigella’s Kitchen. The way she cooks using her hands and picking out ingredients from her open kitchen (I love her cute pantry too!) while confidently staying calm & collected is something I only wish I can do. Her passion when it comes to cooking is very evident, whether she’s cooking in her kitchen or judging at The Taste, Nigella is indeed a kitchen goddess.


Posted this photo on my Instagram a few days ago. I cannot believe I had the chance to meet Nigella. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would be coming here in Manila but Contadina made it happen.


Nigella Lawson is a true Contadina Woman. If Contadina is Italian for “woman of the fields”, who is very particular and discriminating about the quality of ingredients she uses for the home-cooked meals she lovingly prepares, then renowned food writer and television personality Nigella Lawson reflects that very ideal through her food philosophy. Contadina_NigellaLawson_JackieGo_2

Even if she’s caught midway talking, she still looks pretty! Hashtag life is unfair. Heehee.

According to Nigella, in this day and age she loves how we are all connected with food through social media. We are made aware of different food all over the world despite not growing up with them all thanks to just a few push of a button.

Nigella was a shy girl growing up and with all the experiences she had when it comes to cooking, its not wonder she flourished to be the kitchen goddess that she is now, even if she’s not a trained chef. Trust and respect are two of the things that help her rise to stardom. To have something in common such as trust and respect is what made Nigella a Contadina woman. Contadina is a very trusted brand and this is something she and the brand have in common.


Contadina, a range of premium products known for its authentic Mediterranean heritage is the latest addition to Del Monte Philippines’ portfolio. The quality of Contadina brings lies in its ingredients’ origins–olive oils made with Hojiblanca olives, hand-picked from the groves of Andalusia, Spain, canned tomatoes made with sweet, luscious Roma Tomatoes from the fields of California, pasta made with 100% Canadian Durum Wheat Semolina known for its fine texture and creamy color straight from the western prairie province of Canada, and pasta sauces using authentic Grana Padang cheese and Italian herbs creating a very fresh and flavourful taste that can only be expected from a true Italian-made sauce.


Contadina is perfect for culinary enthusiasts who bring passion into their cooking–those who understand that the rich and authentic medley of flavours can only come from the finest ingredients.  Contadina_NigellaLawson_JackieGo_5

Likewise for Nigella, it is evident in how the renowned culinary icon imbues passion for food. Chef JP, Daphne, & Steph were the celebrities that took Nigella’s challenge–to recreate on the spot some of her dishes using Contadina products.

During registration we were asked to pick something from a bowl–only to find out that we picked our team for the cook off: Chef JP, Daphne & Steph. I was with Team Steph.

Steph prepared Pasta Alla Norma with a Moroccan twist–lamb, feta and ras el hanout–using Contadina products.



Spot one of my team mates, Joey of 80 Breakfasts right beside Steph busy cooking and inches away from Nigella who was seen here giving tips.

I think it is very important to be able to trust your own instinct, and cook in a way that pleases you, whatever you say!- NigellaContadina_NigellaLawson_JackieGo_10

After a few minutes, Team Steph was done! Galing!Contadina_NigellaLawson_JackieGo_12

Pasta Alla Norma by Team Steph. Ooooh, if only you can smell & taste this! I hope to recreate this dish at home.

You might think this dish looks hard to prepare when in fact it’s easy for Team Steph was able to complete this dish for 20 minutes or less.


Here I was with Rowena of Animetric and Richie of The Pickiest Eater. Thanks for the photo Kervin.Contadina_NigellaLawson_JackieGo_15

I together with Daphne, Grace of The Spoiled Mummy, Mish of Momma N’ Manila, Noemi of About My Recovery and Sabrina of Sinfully Sabrina. All smiles because we’re over the moon being in the same room as Nigella!


For my cooking, I have no secret ingredients. I make sure I use the ingredients that are best for me. That’s why I’m proud to be partnering with Contadina.

Contadina products will be available here in the Philippines starting October 7, 2016 in major supermarkets nationwide.


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