Easy Peasy Baon Idea: Fun Cakes

My kids love pancakes. At times, they’d request for it every. single. day. They even help me make it over the weekend. But sometimes the good ol’ fashion pancake – no matter how much they like it – just won’t cut it.

So to make pancakes more interesting and appealing to my children, I thought we’d make it more fun and turn them into fun cakes!

Fun cakes is a fancy name for dressed up pancakes. I got this idea when my kids got a few character cookie cutters which they use to shape their sandwich. I was thinking, if we can do it on bread, then we can definitely do it on pancakes!

Here’s what you need:

2 eggs

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2/3 cups water

1 pack Maya Pancake and Baking Mix 350g


My happy lil’ campers excited to pour, mix and make a mess! 😀

My lil’ Mr. JG shrieked when he saw the pancake box with Mickey on it! We’ve been using Maya Pancake Mix (Fluffy n’ Tasty variant) since I can remember and so my kids were wondering why we “changed” our pancake mix (referring to the different look of the box). When I explained to them that it’s the same mix – they can be very picky as not all pancakes for them taste the same – only it’s filled with “magic” to help us make cute pancakes, they were thrilled to get started.

Can you tell who’s the kid who’s more excited than the other? Hihi. There’s something about cooking/baking that my kids find fun and exciting. I guess it’s mostly the mixing of ingredients and actually seeing them turn into a whole new other thing that gets them more curious to help me in the kitchen. “It’s magic!”, as how my son puts it.


Here’s my lil’ Ms. JG attempting to read the instructions on how to make fun cakes using Maya Pancake and Baking Mix.


I let them do the mixing, I was just there to guide them and make sure they put everything in the bowl rather than elsewhere.


Mix all ingredients in a bowl until free of big lumps. This challenged my kids and took them quite a while to make their batter lump free. The look on their faces once I told them their batter is a-okay to cook was priceless. They felt relieved and happy they got the job done. Achievement unlocked for them!

Pour 1/4 cup pancake batter onto a preheated, lightly greased pan or flat skillet. Cook until bubbly then flip to cook the other side. This was the only thing I did for this activity, since both my kids are too young to touch the stove & cook.

Cut out shapes of different Disney characters using cookie cutters. Serve with pancake syrup, jam or your child’s preferred favorite toppings. Another fun part according to my kids. They had fun eating the scrap pancake, all while “decorating” their fun cakes with choco chip and sprinkles.

They requested I make a huge pancake so they can both cut out Mickey & Minnie shapes together.


“Mom, it’s so, so, so soft!”, says my lil’ Mr. JG.

“Oh, I love my pancakes like this!”, expressed by my lil’ Ms. JG

It makes me happy hearing these from them because, I know I was able to help them be independent all while doing something “special & magical”.

Funny & serious versions of my kids. Hihihi. So after a few minutes…


…Tadah! Easy, peasy cute lookin’ fun cakes made by my lil’ JGs.

You can practically add anything on it, as long as your kids like it. Jams, spreads, icing, toppings, just about anything to make it more fun and yummy for them.

Mickey & Minnie are such classics and one of the many favorite characters of my kids. Eating time usually is a long activity for them but with these fun cakes, it made eating time faster. So this means I should preparing fun cakes for them more often!

If you want to let your kids experience cooking and expose them to your magical kingdom that is your kitchen, start by letting them help you with pancakes or fun cakes. Not only will they enjoy cooking, they’ll also enjoy eating it!




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