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The past few weeks went by in a blur and I barely get to spend quality time with my kids. My firstborn, aside from school, is busy with gymnastics. While my son, well, he’s busy playing and sleeping in the afternoon and early at night. I, on the other hand run errands, do chores, attend press events and everything else in between, driving my kids to and from school. Despite being a stay-at-home mom, I still find it challenging to spend time with my kids.

So when I find pockets of time where I can just sit down, have a snack and be present with my kids, I grab the opportunity.


My kids & I love snacking on cookies and we couldn’t resist a good one when we taste one, such is Chips Delight.


Quick flashback kwento: back when I was still in school, I’d bring a pack of Chips Delight for my baon. I love snack time and my classmates would always tease me ‘coz they know I always have food inside my bag! Works for my advantage though because I don’t get hungry especially when I have class right away

Fast-forward to a few years, I now share one of my favorite snacks with my kids. I can’t believe Chips Delight has been part of my snack time from when I was single to now that I have a family of my own.


Chips Delight has 11 Filipino-fave variants: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownie, Butter Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookies…


Rainbow Candy Cookies…


Triple Chocolate Overload Cookies, Striped Chocolate Chip Cookies, Soft Brownie Cookies, Peanut & Caramel Chip Cookies…



Striped Cappuccino Cookies, and Coffee Caramel Chip Cookies.

My all-time favorite is the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies but my new favorite is the Striped Cappuccino Cookies. The coffee lover in me couldn’t resist a yummy cappuccino-flavored cookie!

My kids also have their own favourites. For lil’ Mr. JG it’s the Soft Brownie Cookies while Rainbow Candy Cookies is lil’ Ms. JG’s pick.

My kids each have a star chart. Every week, we talk about what 5 tasks/chores/challenges they want to put in their chart for them to earn stars. Each week is usually different and they make sure that at least one is challenging for them. By the end of school week, if they collect 10 stars, they get a reward.

Even before the week starts, my kids already have a reward in mind. Would you believe that most of their rewards are food? One fine week they requested Chips Delight to be their weekend reward. I was pretty excited for them to collect stars because I know Chips Delight would be a sweet treat for them. True enough, they were able to collect 10 stars even before the week ended. I get to delight my kids with Chips Delight as treats!

Our snack time shows how much we’re delighted to spend a few good minutes enjoying each other.

And because sharing is caring, thought I’d share the Christmas Delight promo of chips Delight!


This is open to all moms with kids residing in the Philippines. All you mommas have to do is first, like Chips Delight Facebook fan page (please make sure your profile is set to public so they can verify your entry).

Simply share a photo of your kids delightfully enjoying their Chips Delight Cookies along a wish of what their kids want for Christmas. Upload your photo entry on the Facebook page of Chips Delight and write their 1 wish on the text caption of the photo and use the hashtags #ShareTheDelight

Choose among the three wishes that were pre-selected by Chips Delight:

Toy Kingdom GC worth P4,400.

Toys R Us GC worth P5,000.

iTunes cards worth P5,000 (USD 100).

After uploading your entry with a corresponding wish, you can invite your friends to vote for your photo entry by asking them to like the post on Chips Delight Facebook page. Electronic raffle will be conducted to choose among the valid entries 3 winners of a wish to be granted.

Hurry though as promo period is only from December 21, 2015 to January 3, 2016


Moms, whether you’re working or at home, take a few minutes and spend quality time with your children. Bond over something you all will enjoy. In our case, it’s really snack time filled with laughter and food crumbs. Not only do I get to spend a few minutes with my kids, I also get to indulge with Chips Delight. Because with Chips Delight, Araw-Araw Delight!

See how else you can make moments delightful with Chips Delight by watching their TV Commercial HERE.


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