Making The Best Decisions For My Lil’ Mr. JG

When I was a first time-mom, it was very usual of me to heed advice and ask tips from my immediate circle (read: parents, in laws, and my fellow moms) about their experience when it comes to child rearing and anything related to motherhood & raising a child.

But more often than not, taking in all the advice from different people had lead me to doubt myself, leaving me a little less confident, uncertain if I’m doing the right thing for my child. But there are times that even after I gave birth to my second child, I still take advice from my fellow moms.

One concrete example is when I weaned lil’ Mr. JG. Most of my fellow moms suggested we switch him to fresh milk. So I did, only to realize later on that my son cannot fully digest fresh milk. I should’ve followed my instincts then which told me that fresh milk isn’t gonna cut it.

Since this incident happened, I’ve been checking the label on almost everything that has to do with my kids. I’ve been a better mom as I feel I’m more capable of making decisions confidently. If there’s something that I’m not fully knowledgable of, I research and take time to read thoroughly– be it a product or a service–this makes me feel reassured that I am making the best decision for my kids.



Checking the label in it’s literal sense is taking time to understand what makes up a product by reading the label. But this is not only applicable on products, you can also “check the label” of  services and even activities to make sure it’s appropriate for your lil’ one.


My lil’ Mr. JG likes watching YouTube shows. Though I allow him on weekends, I make sure there’s restriction– I filter his choices so he only gets to watch those that are kid-friendly– only shows that are appropriate for his age and promote good moral values.


There are other things I check the label of. From the very mundane such as toys,– I make sure they are lead-free–to what they use during bath time–shampoo & body wash should be paraben-free. I even had to check the label of my kids’ school– by understanding the school’s curricular–to know if it fits my goals for my kids.


If I’m meticulous enough to check the label of the different things my kids use on a daily basis, I make sure to do the same all the more when it comes to the kinds of food & beverages I give them.

It’s important to know the ingredients and nutritional contents of the food & beverage you give your kids so that you’ll know if you’re giving what’s best and needed by them. I strongly believe that what goes into my kids’ tummies has a direct effect in their lives. So now more than ever have I practice reading and checking the label first.


No more ouchie tummy for this lil’ guy. No more digestion problems as well. All I had to do is trust my instincts and check the label.

Moms, it really pays to check the label. Had I pay more attention to the tell-tale signs of my son having difficulty with digesting fresh milk and had I read the label early on, I would’ve saved him from the stress of worrying why he’s having digestive problems. So I highly encourage all of you to check the label– practice it as often as needed– so you’ll be more aware of what you give your kids, particularly when it comes to food and beverage products. 🙂



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