BioScore: How Old Are You Biologically?

My one-year membership with Fitness First ends today. But before I bid goodbye to the gym that has helped me be my fittest, I took the BioScore. I didn’t pass the opportunity to know how old I am biologically.

Since this was my first time, as usual I had the jitters. I wasn’t aiming for a minus (-years) result but I was optimistic that I wouldn’t get a plus (+ years) either. In short, even if my biological age was 30, I’m happy with it na.

The BioScore took 45 minutes and it’s one of the longest 45 minutes of my life where I was very competitive with myself! Hahaha. I was so determined to do my best and prove to myself that all the hours clocked in at Fitness First should’ve prepared me for a good result. Push!



BioScore is Fitness First’s health and fitness assessment which tells you how old you are biologically in comparison to your actual age. 

The assessment, conducted by a trained BioScore Trainer, looks at your health, lifestyle and physical fitness levels and for each test, it will assess whether your result is making your BioScore older or younger so you can easily see the areas you need to work on in order to start turning back the clock.

There are three sets of tests that make up BioScore: health, fitness and lifestyle.

Health: Lung function, blood pressure, body composition (height to waist ratio)



My trainer Rea took my measurements, blood pressure and had me blow through this contraption that would determine my lung capacity.

Fitness: Aerobic fitness, strength, power, flexibility, agility, core endurance


I did six different exercises to determine my fitness score. Juskocoloreeeed! The most challenging exercise for me was power. It really tested my upper body strength which I admit, I still need to train.

Lifestyle: Stress, smoking, alcohol, sleep, nutrition.



The last set of test was pretty easy. The lifestyle test prompted me to answer a few questions that would determine my current state when it comes to factors such as stress, eating & drinking habits.

After 48 years… just kidding! It only took 5 minutes to upload my scores for each test.

So my results were in! Aaaaand…


I’m 6 years younger than my actual age. Yahoo! Biologically, I am 24 years old. Naaaks. Nasa early 20s pa pala ako e. Choz! It feels so good to have this score. I actually thought I’d be +1 or something. As usual, preparing for the worst ako lagi. Thankful that all the sweat & hard work I put into training lead me to become more fit. All the more reason for me to continue this kind of lifestyle no matter what.

If you’re interested in wanting to know how you can improve your fitness or want to start your fitness journey, I recommend you take the BioScore first so that you can gauge where you are now and create a plan on how you can be better. You can retake it after 6-months or a year into working out so you can see your improvement.

Thank you Fitness First for the wonderful journey. Grateful for the year I was part of your family!



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