Let’s Talk About #SkinHealth

I’ve always admired people with good skin. In general, they look healthier and seem to have an air of silent confidence which all the more make me want to achieve good skin. While it’s easy to achieve good looking skin with the right make up, it’s not enough to fully enjoy the benefit real good skin gives.

Ever noticed how easy it is to detect if a person is sick or healthy? I for one tend to have pale & patchy skin when I’m not feeling well. And when I feel I’m in the pink of health, I have that certain glow that no make up can duplicate. With these observations, I do believe the skin is a good barometer of what’s going on with one’s body but oftentimes most of us neglect taking good care of it–medyo guilty ako with this guuuuuys. With bad skin, it can be inevitable to assume that that person is laden with stress, problems, or even bad habits. With good skin, however, you start to assume that that person is probably living a healthy lifestyle, follows a smart regimen, eats well, and probably isn’t stressed.

Sure, applying topical like lotions and creams to your skin can help alleviate skin conditions. But have you ever though about the underlying reason of your skin condition? How would you know what’s going on with your skin?


This is where skin health check comes to play. It really pays to be more observant especially when it comes to your body, particularly your skin. Is there sudden change in it’s condition? Get to know your skin more by asking yourself these questions:

Is your skin well-moisturized?

Is your skin free from blemish?

Does your skin look glowing?

Are your pores fine and even?

If you answer mostly yes, then way to go for having good skin and for taking good care of it. But if you answer mostly no, don’t fret. There are many factors to skin condition and there are ways to achieve proper skin health.


Good skin health shows that you are in the pink of health. If there are otherwise tell-tale signs such as dry, visible pores, uneven skin tone or acne prone skin here’s what you need to do achieve proper skin health:

Seek help from a dermatologist

It pays to have a professional take a look at your skin. By seeking advice from a dermatologist – you’re one step closer in having good skin health–you’ll know what’s causing your skin condition. A dermatologist can quickly pin-point what’s going on with you and your skin. Before going gaga trying out different skin care products, it’s always best to consult your doctor. If you don’t have one yet, better to ask friends or family for recommendations. I highly recommend you get a dermatologist who is a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society because those who are qualify as experts of skin.

Use only products that promote good skin health practices

Aside from eating healthy and having an active lifestyle, using products that promote good skin health is a must. It’s best to use products that don’t only provide band-aid solutions, but rather have a long-term effect on improving your skin’s health. Use products that are effective not just for vanity’s sake but also because they promote good skin health practices.

Always check the label

With a slew of products out there, how would you know which is good for your skin? Well, it pays to check the label. Always go for FDA-approved products–this ensures active ingredients and content levels are regulated. Check also if it’s backed by a reputable source or manufacturer. Also please do not ever ever scrimp on standards for your skin.


I’ve had my fair share of skin care issues. I’ve had bouts of acne, suffered through different skin concerns, some get better while others recur. Though my skin changes and all my learnings about beauty through the years, I’ve now learned to be more critical and to research more about the products I use for my skin. Today, I recognize that it isn’t just about looking flawless, but rather it’s about practicing good #skinhealth to have beauty that emulates from within and glows on the surface. I’ll constantly be on the lookout for products that advocate this philosophy. Watch for my upcoming posts. After all, it is good #skinhealth that truly makes one beautiful! 😉




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