The Beauty Pill That Can Combat Pimples

It sucks to admit it but I’ve been suffering from adult acne. I blame being exposed to pollution, the sun, trying out different products, and eating some food–which I am intolerant to–for my good skin to suddenly turn bad. I’m still in denial that at 31, I still get fracking pimples!

When I had a consultation with my derma, I brought up my pimple concerns, not surprisingly she confirmed that pimple really is one of the issues many men and women, young or old, face and that most of the time, pimples are only treated externally–by using topical creams–as a band aid solution to it.


A pimple here and there pops out every once in a while but never misses to make sure its presence is felt especially during my red days. Ang hassle! I feel more awkward now more than when I was in high school! I’ve tried almost all topical solutions and have spent more than a few hundreds of pesos for this nasty & persistent skin problem but month after month they just keep on coming back.

I learned that pimple, no matter how literally superficial it is needs to be treated from within. Just like any skin health concerns,–remember when I talked about #skinhealth and how important it is to do a skin health check to know how to properly take care of it?–pimple has an underlying cause that topical solution just can’t treat long-term wise.


When your pimple is persistent to conquer your face on a regular basis (in my case it’s popping in different areas monthly), topical solutions just won’t do the trick anymore. It’s time to take Lactezin®.

Lactezin® has a breakthrough combination of three active ingredients–Lactoferrin, Vitamin E, and Zinc) which yields to their corresponding skin benefits:

Makes skin smooth

Address skin irritations

Address oiliness

Address pimples

Makes skin glow

Lactoferrin (a milk-derived protein) has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It enhances the body’s natural defences to help fight bacteria, reduce sebum and inflammation and helps repair damaged skin cells.

Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin cells by fighting free radical damage. While Zinc helps maintain a healthy immune system and promotes would healing and repair of damaged tissues. Its antioxidant and oil-regulating properties help improve skin appearance.

Taking Lactezin® will not only give your body the necessary nutrients it needs (zinc & vitamin E) but will also let you achieve a glowing & healthy skin. I honestly believe that looking good from the outside has a lot to do with taking care of yourself from the inside. Like I said before, band aid solutions (topical creams) can only do so much in treating skin conditions so if you’re looking to fully be free from your acne troubles then taking beauty pills such at Lactezin® is the way to do it.

Lactezin® does not only treats acne but also prevents it from recurring. It is clinically proven to reduce acne by up to 47%, even blackheads and whiteheads as early as 1 week. Now I’m excited to put this to the test as I’ll be taking Lactezin® to experience its effectivity firsthand.

Lactezin® is available at leading drugstores nationwide. 



  1. JOE says

    Just wondering if Lactezin is suitable for men? I sent a message to the FB page of Lactezin today. I want to try it if it’s for men as well.

  2. Ma. Guadalaine Baay says

    Hi I’d like to know if this causes your skin to bring out some pimples before it could actually disappear it?

  3. Mae Borja says

    Any updates after taking this? I’ve been taking this for 10 days and my skin is not that oily anymore. But I still get zits. How bout you?

  4. Pogi says

    When is the best time to take it? And can i still use it with myra-e 400 since i have been taking myra for a long time. Thanks.

  5. Pogi says

    This is my second day of taking lactezin. And accdg to you mam, it can be taken twice a day. Is there any difference from recommended dose? Is it best to take it twice a day? Thank you for your response maam. I just really wanted to know. 🙂

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