Last One For Summer

The weekend before school started, my family & I decided on a whim to head out to the beach–last one for summer.


Spontaneous out-of-town trips leave me panic-packing. For someone who is so used to packing a few days before a trip, packing a day before is panic-inducing already. Thankfully, I’ve somewhat mastered the art of packing only the essentials. One thing though that I don’t forget is I make sure my kids are comfy in the clothes they’ll wear.


Can you spot the similarity? 🙂

These two are currently liking being matchy-matchy. They want to be color-coordinaetd and want to wear similar things most of the time. So I am delighted to oblige to their liking. Such an enabler I am that I make it appoint to give them options on what they want to wear.


The boys sun-bathing. They do look so much alike no?

Beach must-haves: camera

Aside from the beach basics (sunblock, suit, sand tools), I always make sure to bring my camera with me. Like most moms, I like taking tons of photos. Moments like this only happen once so better capture it and turn them into memories.



While the boys chill at the beach, us girls went for a quick stroll to sport our matching suits. Bright colors is always a good idea especially when we’re at the beach. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, it also makes spotting each other from a pool of people much easier.


My beach essentials.

This is the only time I went to the beach without my laptop with me. Since this is our last beach escape for summer, I opted to bring only the essentials– a good read, hat and shades.


Our trip essentials.

Though the beach resort has food to get us through the weekend, I never leave home without packing a few snacks and a few bottles of Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water. It’s for times when we get stuck in traffic or in between swimming and my kids decided they’re hungry or thirsty. It’s really essential to pack extra clothes and snacks for trips whether you’re traveling by car or by plane.

School has already started for us–this means back to our daily grind. I’m glad we were able to take one last summer escape to recharge and refresh us.

Back to the daily grind. Have a happy weekend everyone! 🙂



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