Kanebo Skin Care & Make Up Launch

Kanebo a leading Japanese producer of cosmetics is being sold to over 50 countries worldwide. For beauty enthusiasts, you’ve probably encountered Kanebo and have your favourites. As for me, it was my first time to encounter Kanebo a month ago during their intimate skin care and make up launch.

With my co-parent Rikki Mathay who hosted the event.

Table 4 present!

With host Rikki and vlogger Say.

Say & I were impressed with Kanebo The First Serum because of its velvety & smooth finish that gets absorbed by the skin easily.

Kanebo is a comprehensive cosmetics brand with a core skincare line based on Chromo beauty completed with a makeup line. A day. A month. A year. Kanebo brings out luster and depth for your satisfaction, expressing your life a masterpiece.


Skin care: Flow

The intent behind the Kanebo skincare package is flow. The endless, unbroken “FLOW” of water. Bringing you continuously moisturized skin, it represents the flow of time across each day, most, year and your entire life.

Kanebo Refreshing Creamy Wash 120ml, Php 1,500

A rich foam that is gentle on the skin removes dirts.

Kanebo Softening Cream Cleansing 120ml, Php 1,800

A cleansing cream that glides onto the sin to thoroughly remove dirt and makeup.

Kanebo Mellow Rich Oil Cleansing 180ml, Php 1,800

A cleansing oil that swiftly removes all dirt and makeup.

Kanebo Bouncing Rich Emulsion 100ml, Php 3,600

A nourishing emulsion that leaves the skin hydrated and brimming with moisture.

Kanebo Moisture Flow Rich Lotion 180ml, Php3,000 

A moisturizing lotion that melts into the skin with a pleasant texture.

Kanebo The First Serum 60ml, Php 3,600

A serum that thoroughly moisturizes your skin creating a beautiful veil.

Kanebo Fresh Day Cream 40ml, Php 3,600

A moisturizing morning cream that leaves your skin refreshed and comfortable.

Kanebo Night Lipid Wear 40ml, Php4,800

A night cream that moisturises your skin, while sleeping so that you wake up with elastic skin.


Make up: Glow

The intent behind the Kanebo makeup package is glow. A gentle, brilliant “GLOW”. Based in the concept of a gentle glow, like softly welling light.

Kanebo Full Radiance Foundation 30ml, Php 3,300

A lustrous veil for a delicate and radiant finish

Kanebo Glow Primer 30ml, Php 2,400

Even coloring for a radiant complexion

Kanebo Control Finish Powder Php 2,400

A delicate powder for a bright finish.

Kanebo Moisture Rouge Php 2,100

A fresh and vibrant impression with an overflowing moist texture.

Kanebo Dual Eyeliner Pencil Php 900

Soft and smooth textured lines to frame your eyes.

Kanebo Dual Eyeliner Liquid Php 900

Draws delicate fine lines to accentuate your eyes

Kanebo Eyebrow Pencil  Php 1,200

Soft against your skin, designing your desired eyebrows.

Kanebo Variant Brosse Cheeks Php 1,500

Creates a naturally radiant complexion that highlights the beauty of your skin.

Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow  Php 3,300

Accentuates your eyes in different colors and textures.

Celebrity makeup artist Rick Martell Mallare Calderon did a demo on Miss Philippines Universe 2016, Maxine Medina using Kanebo products. See the glow?

Congratulations Robby & the whole Kanebo Philippines team!

So I immediately tried Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow as soon as I had the chance.


Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow in Cool Monotone 01

Five different colors and textures in one palette combine to create beautiful impression. The moist textured powders blend meltingly into your skin to accentuate your eyes and lines, creating an elegant overall expression.

Here’s what the palette looks like on me. I like how each color gives ouster and is really pigmented–one swipe gives you the color you need. I also like how easy it is to blend too. It was love at first swipe!

Wearing Kanebo Selection Colors Eyeshadow on my eyes.

Kanebo is available at Rustans Makati, Shangri-La Mall and Ayala Cebu.


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