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Let’s face it, technology is inevitable and exposing our kids to it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Children and their use of gadgets has become a topic that stirs debates. Whether you’re team technology or not, I totally get you. As for me, I do allow my kids to use gadgets but with restriction. Since their respective schools are slowly integrating the use of tablets, I really don’t mind them being literate & knowledgable when it comes to it.

I think I’ve mentioned before that both my kids learned numbers, alphabet, shapes and other basic preschool lessons on the iPad. Today, they’re very fond of watching videos on YouTube and using apps that can help them in school.

Now that they’re both schooling, I’m slowly letting them learn on their own and through their teachers. But sometimes, supplementing them with tools outside school helps them become more eager to learn. What better way to help them love learning than through their gadgets? This is when educational apps such JoomaJam comes in handy.


JoomaJam is an easy-to-use educational activity pack that combines bilingual music, videos and games for progressive learning.


Lessons For Kids

Kids can enjoy independent play as well as fun, interactive learning with grownups. Our lessons are crafted by expert educators and talented musicians based on Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

Fun Play Activities

Our activities help unlock your child’s creativity, strengthen their motor skills and observation powers by having them take photos of the world around them.

Engaging, Quality Content

Joomajam’s original, bilingual music videos and carefully curated content spark multi-domain education and nurtures lifelong learners.

Rockstar Made Songs

We collaborate with the best and brightest of Philippine music to write and sing these fun, educational songs for your kids. Available in English and Filipino.


JoomaJam is created by Ritmo, a social enterprise that develops alternative, engaging, and culturally-relevant teaching tools. JoomaJam, being their first project, is a fun manual and music album that allows parents to use technology as a bridge to their child’s high-tech, fast-paced world. JoomaJam_JackieGo_2

Joomajam is a kid-tested, teacher-approved collection of educational Original Pilipino Music in bilingual format which is accompanied by a lesson plan with recommended activities and resources. It has lessons like Colors (Barbie and Julianne), Saving Money (The Dawn), and Making Friends (Itchy worms) and nine songs that can be played in English and Filipino for a total of 18 tracks.


My kids find it very entertaining watching any song or dance number –as long as it’s catchy–whether it’s animated or not. So it wasn’t a surprise for me when my two kids fought over who gets to use it first. But since lil’ Mr. JG was persistent, he got to the first go.

I know my kids couldn’t care less on who sang what song but I do. Nakaka-proud that JoomaJam is 100% powered by Filipino artists such as Barbie Almalbis, The Dawn, Rivermaya, Jolina Magdangal and Gary V!

Each music video comes in English and Filipino version. The catchy songs especially those in Filipino make being familiar with the language more fun. Now this lil’ dude has been trying to count one to ten in Filipino. When I asked him what he likes about the app he said h

We love JoomaJam because…

… it’s a good app to learn not just about numbers, colors, and reading. It also has cute music videos about food, playtime, friends, movement, money, and health.

… all music videos have English and Filipino versions.

… the all original compositions are sung by Filipino artists.

… we learn Filipino. Easy to pick up Filipino words for your little ones.

… it has a timer. You can set a timer so your child can only use the app for a particular time.

… it is made here in the Philippines. I love how the artists contributed their time & talent in creating this educational app.

I hope they will soon offer other languages for each music video because it truly is much more fun and easy to learn through music. If only I can teach my kids Math, English, Filipino and Chinese through music, I’m sure they would learn easily. Heehee.

You can download JoomaJam app for FREE at Google Play store. If you want to unlock all 18 videos use my code GoJackieGo and get 10% off  for the super bundle package. 🙂



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