Aesthetique Microdermabrasion: Handy Dandy Diamond Peel

A trip to the derma for me would mean I have skin trouble that needs treatment, stat. My usual treatments are the good ol’ facial & diamond peel. Ever since my very first diamond peel experience, I’ve been doing it whenever I can–especially when my skin gives off signs that I badly need it.

Though I wanna do it regularly, motherhood and work usually gets in the way. Making no time for a trip to the derma isn’t a good enough excuse but sadly, it has become a valid one. Huhuhuhu. Now there’s no reason for me not to get my microdermabrasion fix with Aesthetique Solution’s Revitalise Microdermabrasion Device.


OMG guuuuuys, this handy dandy diamond peel is the answer to great skin! It literally peels off dead skin cells and other impurities stuck in our skin.


Aesthetique Solution truly is a brand that understands that great skin is the best foundation thus they created the patented Revitalise Microdermabrasion Device. A kit comes with the diamond peel device, fine and standard tips, filters and a base charger.


It’s technology right in the palm of my hands. This handy dandy microdermabrasion device lets me achieve great skin as I DIY diamond peel treatment at the comfort of my own home. Ay lavett!


It works like a derma-grade diamond peel machine but way more compact. With it’s gentle vacuum and exfoliating crystals, the device lifts and removes dead skin cells from the face, neck, and any other body part so you can:

Enjoy smoother skin

Reduce and/or eliminate breakouts on your neck, chest, or other areas of the body

Help reduce the appearance of dark spots or age spots

Minimize the appearance of pores

Help eliminate dry skin and flakiness

Get smoother skin

Allow your moisturizer to work better, as it penetrates more deeply into exfoliated skin

Help prevent ingrown hairs an make hair removal easier

Smooth razor bumps and bumpy “chicken skin”

Help increase circulation to the skin, nourishing it from inside out



You can use your usual cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock but if you purchase the kit, you get the skincare line for free.

Anyways, I’ve tried it during the intimate launch to see how it fairs compared to those big diamond peel machines dermatologist and beauty clinics use. My initial thoughts? It really works!

I tried it on my left leg, particularly the top of my thigh near my knee. The left photo was taken before I used Aesthetique Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device while the right photo I took shortly after I tried the handy and diamond peel machine. See the difference? My leg looks & feels more softer, lighter,–the powdery effect of diamond peel and definitely smoother–bumps and ingrown were virtually gone. I can’t believe a handheld device like this which I can practically use anywhere works like I’ve been to the derma for a treatment.


Check out my dead skin on the filter. Eeewww! That was just about 3 minutes of using Revitalise Microdermabrasion Device ha. I ran it over my leg for a few times lang with level 3 setting.


Since I got the kit, I’ve been using it regularly and by regularly I mean at least once a week. Can you say that I love it? Yes! Here I was moments after using it on my bare face.

I like love Aesthetique Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device because…

… it’s a handy diamond peel I can use anytime, anywhere. Need I say more? Seriously. It’s amazing!

… you can practically use it on any part of your body– face, neck, underarms, elbows, knees, arms, legs, bikini line and even buttocks! Yep. Just make sure you get the body tip, which you can purchase separately.

… you control your own exfoliation. Because you use it on yourself, you have the power to manoeuvre it and control the pressure each time you glide it over your skin.

… it has different levels and timer you can set & choose from. Depending on how much exfoliating you want, you can choose the level of vacuum.

… it’s sanitary & hygienic. You have your own diamond peel tip that only you get to use. If you want to share the handy device to your partner, sister or spouse, you can simply buy extra tips which they can use for themselves.

… it’s easy to use & easy to clean. Five buttons that make using it easy even if you’re not techie. The LED screen also lets you see what level, time, area of your body and battery life the machine has. You only need to clean the tip and not the body. Just remove it and clean it under running water and pat dry.

… it’s rechargeable and one full cycle can let you use it more than twice (depending on the level and how long you use it).

… you can use it as often as you want or think you need. Though it is recommended that you exfoliate at least once a week or at most, thrice a week, you can use it often. You can easily gauge whether or not you need exfoliating more than the recommended frequency. Just make sure not to overdo it and better to ask your dermatologist if you’re uncertain.

… there’s no downtime. I normally use it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And I notice it doesn’t affect my skin care regimen even if I alternate different skin care products regularly. If there’s anything, I even feel like it helps when it comes to absorbing the skin care products I apply. I don’t know if it’s the my-face-feels-so-smooth-soft-and-clean feel that everything I apply after every session feels drawn in effectively.

… you get your money’s worth. The starter kit is valued at Php 10,000 and is equivalent to about 10 microdermabrasion session at a derma. Imagine if you purchase the kit and use it regularly–that’s thrice a week. In less than a month, you already have ROI (return of investment).


It’s one of the best beauty gadgets I’ve ever had. I’m kinda looking forward to the days when I get to use it. Definitely not a chore or a drag to microdermapeel at the comfort of my own home. It’s really another way to help me achieve great skin.


Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device retails for Php 10,000.


You get this Aesthetique Skin Care set when you order the Revitalise Microdermabrasion Device kit online at or


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