I’m A Gladiator

I can already feel the warm breeze summer brings. Now that the Lunar New Year is over, summer officially begins here in Manila. Living in the tropics always give me an excuse to wear something breezy. Whether I’m in the city or out of town, wearing something comfy is my top priority.


Been on the lookout for this pair of gladiators and I’m so glad I got it on sale for such a steal! It instantly dresses up any plain outfit I have whenever I wear it. For Mr. JG, he calls me a gladiator whenever I wear it. LOL.




Finally had the courage to shoot on a different location outside home again! Heehee. For those of you wondering, I’m not one who would go out and shoot my OOTD in public, for I am very shy. Walang halong ‘choz (no joke!) I don’t like taking my #OOTD elsewhere ‘coz I tend to get very conscious. Luckily, Manila Polo Club was almost empty when we were there for lil’ Ms. JG’s swim playdate, so I took advantage. When I saw the field was empty, I asked Yaya H for a quick shoot. 

Dali, ate habang walang tao! (Hurry, while there’s no one here!) Let’s do diiiiizzz! *twirls like a 5 year old kid*


I wish there were more parks & play grounds here in Manila where we can just chill on a Saturday afternoon. A wonderful view of the city and fresh air are such mood boosters.



Lace up kung lace up. It can take a minute or two for me to wear this pair pero kebs na, it’s trendy yet comfy naman. Plus, it has a back zipper that lets me easily slip off from it.


Color coordinated with my lil’ Ms. Nope we didn’t plan it.


“Mom, also take a picture of our shoes!”

Ayan na, buma-blogger duties na!


Romper & shoes, Topshop| shades, Prada| bag, Givenchy


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