Alon By Zach&Zurich

Summer’s back and you know what that means? It’s the season for shades!


Alon by Zach & Zurich is all about the use of sustainable wood.

Owners Karel & Kim Montevirgen share that the brand they picked for their wooden products were taken from the names of their sons Kiel Zachariah and Kaelem Zurich. They thought of a business that their family love and that’s – sun, sand and swim, hence they thought of the brand Alon. However, their Alon logo may only be registered as a logo not the name itself given that this is common name used in the Philippines. But at any case, it’s good representation of a Filipino brand.

Karel & Kim have so many items in mind when they started their business. But since they wanted their first product to be versatile (not only for beach or vacation use) they thought about focusing on sunglasses. They initially released the prescription eyewear since there’s not much sellers around catering for wooden prescription. Alon by Zach & Zurich prescription eyewear can be replaced with graded lenses ‘coz the frame was build with screws that can open a space for lens replacement. Our sunglasses on the other hand were made for young and adult market who prefer a comfortable but fashionable eyewear.

I got my pair of Alon sunglasses a few weeks back. I liked it so much that I took several photos (in different angles) of me wearing it. Heehee.


You may think that ‘coz its wood, it’s heavy. Well, it’s not. They’re surprisingly lightweight that it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. Alon by Zach & Zurich eyewear comes in polarised lenses, standard sunglasses lenses and prescriptions which are replaceable with graded lens.

They currently carry wooden sunglasses, prescription glasses, and bow ties (yes, wooden bow ties!).  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to order.


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