#HMCloseTheLoop At Kidzania Manila

For someone who loves dressing up and buying clothes, I’ve always wondered where do all the clothes go? I’ve had my fair share of purging our closets to reduce and have been recycling & reusing past season clothes. Despite my efforts, I know there’s so much more we can do. That’s why I truly support brands that aim to do their part in going green and helping the environment. Sustainable fashion is what H&M Conscious is all about.

We believe in a better fashion future – one where fashion both looks good and does good. Conscious is our plan for making this future come true. It’s built on seven commitments, each with hundreds of Conscious Actions. Through these actions – big and small, short and long term – we’ll create a better fashion future. source.

The Greener World program consists of four green spots that are scattered across Kidzania Manila and H&M Conscious is one of them. It’s upcycling workshop booth is located right in the middle of the city and serves an avenue for kids to do their share and be part of the Kids For A Greener World.



My lil’ Ms. JG & I went to Kidzania last Friday to witness the unveiling of H&M Conscious.


If you want your lil’ one to be a kid for a greener world, have her bring an old shirt that she wants to recycle next time she visits Kidzania Manila. Not only does your lil’ one help save the environment through reducing, she also gets to recycle and reuse by creating a bracelet made of her old shirt. How cool is that?!

The upcycling involves three steps that’s easy & fun which kids and kids at heart (ahem, that’s me) would find interesting to do.


Insert old shirts into the H&M Conscious machine.
HMConscious_KIdzania_JackieGo_7 HMConscious_KIdzania_JackieGo_8


Here’s lil’ Ms. JG with Eliza’s (MoMaMa.Me) son Basti with Tin’s (Manila Fashion Observer) daughter, Berry holding their shirts and ready to upcycle them.


The old shirt goes through the recycling process to turn it into fabric strips.




Collect the fabric strips & start making them into a bracelet.



Let your child pick her fabric strips and let her design and create her very own bracelet.

Here’s lil’ Ms. JG busy making her own bracelet. HMConscious_KIdzania_JackieGo_17

Did you know that H&M Conscious are made of recycled fibres from their garment collecting program? Yup!HMConscious_KIdzania_JackieGo_18

I can totally see lil’ Ms. JG wearing these.


Tadah! Finished product of lil’ Ms. JG & Berry.

The launch also let our little ones design their own pots and take home a plant they can take care at home. HMConscious_KIdzania_JackieGo_21

These little girls were so busy being creative, the mommies had nothing else to do but snap tons of photos. Heehee.HMConscious_KIdzania_JackieGo_22


But first let us take a selfie or in this case, selfwe! Heehee. Congratulations to the whole H&M Conscious team!HMConscious_KIdzania_JackieGo_23

H&M Conscious is definitely committed in closing the loop in fashion.

Don’t forget to let your little one bring old clothes to drop off for the garment collecting program of H&M Conscious (old or unwanted, whatever state they’re in!) so they can create their very own bracelet and earn 10 Kidzos. They also get a 15% discount voucher which they can use to shop H&M Conscious clothes! If your lil’ one completes all four green spots, they get one stamp in their Kidzania paZZport. The Greener World program will run until June 15, 2016 at Kidzania Manila.

H&M Conscious is available at all H&M stores.



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