Healthy Drink That’s Surprisingly Good: Tipco 100% Juice

As much fun and yummy it is to eat and drink unhealthy food, at some point one has to limit his/her intake of junk food. As someone who is fond of eating junk food & sweets, it has been part of my diet which I find hard to resist not eating. But because I am a mom to a toddler and expecting my second child next month, I really have to be a good example and limit my unhealthy food intake as much as I can.

So when I was invited by Transaxion Unlimited Corp. the company behind D-Nee Baby and also the exclusive distributor of Tipco 100% juices for an intimate lunch to get to know the brand even more, I said yes. I wanted to learn about healthy options and products that can be suitable for me and my family.

I am quite familiar with Tipco, I see their gondola display at the grocery store I frequent to and have tasted a few of their flavors thanks to my Mama (MIL) who’s a fan of juices. I’ve been seeing their juices as one of those healthy drinks that offer no preservatives and such, I became even more so curious about the brand.

Marvin Hung, Mona Lisa Chua, Kerwin Wong are the team behind Tipco Philippines.

Tipco 100%, the number one juice brand in Thailand, has been delighting Asian consumers since 1976.  To date, Tipco is among the trusted names in healthy and nutritious beverages with its 100% juice offerings.  With production facilities in Ayutthaya province, Tipco also has its own pineapple plantation, and promotes contract farming enabling it to maintain quality consistency with each and every pack.

In the Philippines, Tipco is exclusively distributed by TRANSAXION UNLIMITED CORP since 2005. Tipco 100% Juices available in the Philippines offers the healthy option for the family on the go because it contains 100% all natural fruit and vegetable juice with no preservatives, flavorings, colorings or added sweeteners.

With Rowena, Mona Lisa, Teresa, Peachy & yours truly.

Tipco juices: Cranberry, Aloe Vera, Prune & Grapes and Pineapple.

My pick out of the four that I’ve tasted would have to be the Prune & Grapes. Its not sweet and the fusion and prunes & grapes were just right. I am quite curious to try their vegetable juices such as Broccoli, 32 Veggies, and Beet Root which I learned is one of their best sellers and is even enjoyed by kids.

True to being the nutritional partner and health drink of choice for the family, Tipco also launched the new Tipco Superkid 100% Juice, a delicious and refreshing new health boost for children of modern Filipino moms. Specially formulated to help develop and nourish children, the Tipco Superkid comes in a variety of natural flavors— Mixed Veggie & Mixed Fruit, Apple, Shogun Orange, and Red Grape—each containing nutrients that deliver unique health benefits and a power-packed boost to kids’ daily nutritional regime.

The Tipco Team with The Bloggers

Thanks Tipco for the goodies!

Some of Tipco’s flavors include: Tangerine Orange, Purple Carrot, Pomegranate, Orange Medley, Aloe Vera, Cranberry, Pineapple, Grapes, Mangosteen, Beetroot, and 32 Veggies.

 They also carry these healthy treats of crackers, wafers and oat granola.

Tipco Superkid juices

Tipco Superkid 100% Juice contains nutrients like calcium for promoting healthy bones and DHA (an Omega-3 acid) for supporting healthy brain development. It also has Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, which respectively aid children’s visual development, metabolism, energy production, and immune system. At 110ml size, it’s perfect for baon so that kids can still get the nutritional boost they need while at school or play.

Gabbie isn’t into juices when she turned two year old. Back when she was just a few months old she’s drink her juices easily and loves it as much as she loves drinking water but now that she’s older, she has become picky with juices and would prefer to drink just plain cold water. Surprisingly, she insisted to open and drink Tipco Superkid and particularly chose the apple flavor. She liked it. I can only assume she does because the taste and flavor is just right, not concentrated and not too sweet.

Tipco Superkid will most probably be available next month in your leading supermarkets. In the mean time, Tipco 100% Juice is holding Tripaway 2 Promo.

The “Tipco Tripaway” promo was announced by Transaxion Unlimited Corporation, which distributes Thailand’s leading juice brand in the Philippines. With a view of encouraging Filipino fans to take the leap to healthy living, as well as to experience the joys of travel, Tipco’s latest promo also includes the chance to win two roundtrip tickets to popular destinations in the Philippines, complete with 3D/2N hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, airport transfers, and fun tours.

The “Tipco Tripaway” promo, which runs from July 1 to September 30, 2012, is bringing its lucky grand prize winners to Bangkok, Thailand. Monthly draws will also be held for three consecutive months, starting this August, with all-inclusive trips to Cagayan de Oro, Puerto Princesa, and Boracay at stake.

Every single-receipt purchase of three 1-liter packs of Tipco 100% Juice from any supermarket or grocery nationwide entitles customers to one raffle entry. To submit the entry, customers can visit and enter the requested information. Deadlines for the submission of entries fall on August 5 for the First Monthly Draw (Cagayan de Oro) on August 10; September 5 for the Second Monthly Draw (Puerto Princesa) on September 10; October 5 for both the Third Monthly Draw (Boracay) and Grand Prize Draw (Bangkok) on October 10.

For more information ‘Like’ Tipco Juice Philippines on Facebook.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. says

    hi to the website owner and to all the readers,

    i recently learned about TIPCO Juices. I was amazed that they also have vegetable juices when I went to a supermarket earlier. I didn’t expect to see vegetable juices in can or in a tetra pack.

    i was wondering if these “processed” juices really a healthy drink. this is not just with TIPCO juices. there are other “producer” of similar products that claims their juices are 100% natural.

    any thoughts on this? are they really ALL NATURAL– one can get when they consume real fruits and vegetables.


    elpi garcia

  2. Yolande says

    I am terribly disppointed with the Tipco! I wanted to go on a healthy vegetable juice fast and to save myself the trouble and time of squeezing my own vegetables, I saw the boxes called brocolli juice, spinach juice and carrot juice.
    After paying a furtune, which I justified to myself knowing how expensive vegetables are and how little juice one gets for a lot of vegies, I realized when I got home that in small print next to the words Brocolli juice is written And mixed fruit.
    After tasting it however I realized that it is 100 percent only kiwi juice and i do not taste even the smallest amount of brocolli in the juice.
    Same goes for the spinach.
    The box with pictures of carrots and pumpkin only has orange in.
    I am grieved for spending fortunes and driving far to get a product that is such an utter disapointment to me.
    If i wanted fruit juice in a box I can get it a block from where I live for a fraction of the price. But i dont WANT fruit juices because it is loaded with fructose that provides sugar rushes and dont help ,e loose weight, which is the very reason I wanted to go on a juice fast in the first place.
    I am on a very tight budget, and had to use money i could not afford to lose and I feel completely robbed, deceived and cheated.
    Why not tell people what you sell on the box. Why lie about the content? You may end up catching some other people like me but in the end truth will catch up and you will loose your reputation and name in the market.

  3. mariam says

    please help me out does the outer and inner seal of the juice come broken?
    i just brought this juice and the manager told me thats how its supposed to be

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