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I grew up shaving my underarms. Truth be told, nobody told me to shave them but since I was a late bloomer – with all things related to beauty – I figured why not follow my sisters as they transition to puberty & all that comes with it? So I grew up having a love-hate relationship with my shaver.

The first time I shaved my underarms wasn’t bad. In fact it was liberating! No more hair there = I can confidently raise my hands & arms like there’s no tomorrow! But most days, shaving made my underarms bumpy, dark & dry. That first time confidence soon dwindled down to feeling insecure. I hate it.

Shaving is still the most common method of underarm hair removal for 70% of Filipinas. It is the quickest and most convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair, after all. It helps in emergency situations such as suddenly having to wear a sleeveless LBD for a night out, or hieing off for an impromptu beach getaway.

Dove understands this dilemma of women. Just recently Dove encouraged women to go shave through their #DoveGoShave event held at The Greens in Greenbelt 5.


Dove girls Patty Laurel & Saab Magalona hosted the event. They also shared their shaving stories which is really no different from most women – having a love-hate relationship with their shaver.


Dove girls Patty Laurel, Dani Baretto, Kelly Misa & Saab Magalona shared the stage that evening. They all agreed that shaving really is their go-to method when it comes to underarm hair removal but it has also given them a not-so-flawless underarms.


“Shaving is practically considered a necessity as women want to remove underarm hair, which is why using a deodorant with moisturizing benefit on a daily basis is the perfect way to care for your underarms.” says, Dra. Anna Palabyab-Rufino of the Philippine Dermatological Society.


Fellow blogger Sab Hernandez-Dy Liacco is also a Dove girl. She shared how using Dove deo improved her underarms despite shaving.

What is with shaving that causes your skin to go dry, dark & bumpy? Well, when you shave, 1/3 of what you remove is actually skin, which leads to underarm darkening. Along with hair, shaving takes away the top-most layer of the skin, leaving it irritated. And with continued shaving, skin is unable to heal itself and becomes bumpy, dry & dark.

Dove deodorant knows the shaving woes of women. With it’s unique 1/4 moisturizing cream it soothes underarm skin from irritation. It helps repair damage caused by shaving, making underarms lighter and smoother.


“In line with Dove’s mission to provide real women with real care, we want to encourage them to go shave, and enjoy their lives fully because Dove deodorant takes care of their underarms.” said Apples Aberin, Unilever Philippine’s PR Head.

During the event I shared my shaving story and posted it for everyone to see.






I went home with a customised Dove Deo Care Kit which contains a complete set of Dove Original deo products, bath towels, travel-sized Dove hair care & a personalized notebook.

For a price of a regular Dove Deo roll-on or aerosol, you not only get a limited edition Dove Deo pouch for free, but also a chance to win a Dove Deo getaway to El Nido with two friends, by redeeming the code inside to join the raffle. So #DoveGoShave na & leave your shaving worries behind.

Dove deodorant is available at leading department stores, drug stores and supermarkets nationwide. You can also get one over at Sample Room as they currently have a run there.


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