Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, Podium Ortigas

Japanese restaurants and pizza joints are sprouting in Manila like mushrooms. I guess we love Japanese food as much as the ever reliable pizza no? And it’s safe to say we Filipinos are such foodies. One of the pizza joints that rose to fame is Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza. I’ve heard my northern friends rave about it when they opened their first store in Katipunan, Quezon City. Sadly, I couldnt convince Mr. GJG  enough to trek to that part of north. So when they finally opened their third branch (their second one is in Makati) in Ortigas, Mr. GJG insisted we dine there. This was a first for him- wanting to try a restaurant because he’s heard good reviews of. So off we went to The Podium to get our serving of Gino’s.





 Bet ko tong triangle lights.


 And their brick wall with plants in pails. Oh you know, they’re just hanging around. Heehee (corny joke, insert laughter SFX here).


Straightforward, uncomplicated menu- I like. It makes it easier for an undecisive person like me to choose. Although I do hope they’d put a mark (a pizza icon perhaps?) on their best sellers or recommendation. Or baka naman, they’re proud of every dish they have and they reco everything? 🙂


 I love that they offer coloring materials so the lil’ GJGs get busy while waiting for our food.


Lil’ Ms. GJG’s drawing of a robot.



While lil’ Mr. GJG asked his dad to draw him one. 😀

After much doodling and drawing, our food arrived.


Burrata P295

It comes with aragula and bread.


 Gino’s Spicy Honey is so addicting! I put it on almost anything I eat. Heehee. Thank you by the way May May for sending us a bottle. Yaaaay!


Gino’s Spicy Honey is one of the things that everyone looks forward to when dining. It’s exactly my weakness- sweet + spicy. We almost inhaled the entire bottle because it was that good.


There’s really nothing else to do but drizzle the spicy honey like crazy.


Burrata with House Salad P395

Greens, balsamic dressing, caramelized walnuts, dried figs, parmigiano reggiano.

I feel like the burrata is incomplete without the bread though. I like salad but I had the burrata not only with it so I ordered extra bread (3 pieces for P15) to pair it with.


Salted Egg P190

Fettucine, bacon, salted egg, cream and parmesan.

The salted egg salad is a must try. It’s a creamy and flavourful dish which I recommend you share with someone as you might get too full of it. In my opinion, it’s best paired with pizza.


Sausage Pizza P325

Tomato sauce, homemade sausage, kesong puti, red onion, basil.


The thin crust pizza has a soft and chewy texture. It gives a punch of crunch on it’s crust as it was charred just right. The sausage was good and I like that it wasn’t too sweet nor too sour, sakto lang and it blended well in the pizza.


Panna Sausage P320

Tomato sauce, homemade sausage, cream and parmgiano reggiano.


The lil’ GJGs loved this pizza. Overall we had a good dining experience and we cannot wait to go back. Next time, we’ll try the SMEGG & Bomb pizzas.


3L The Podium, ADB Ave., Ortigas Center

(02) 632-1967 0906-2691417



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