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Who understands the need to take care of one’s self by using natural products than a beauty and skin care addict? Nekkid Beauty is a home-based company established September of 2014 by professional makeup artists and beauty blogger, Sabs Hernandez. She has made it her mission to make everyone look good naked, hence naming the brand NEKKID. Having the perfect body is not enough, so her brand aims to give you the perfect, glowing skin with their skin care made from natural ingredients. Sabs, sent me a few products to try and so this giddy guinea pig excitedly took photos and tried Nekkid Beauty right away.


Nekkid products are 100% natural and paraben/additive-free, using only oil-based products that are non-comedogenic that will give their producers a longer shelf life. They have stripped basic beauty products “NEKKID” off of harmful ingredients and have returned to simpler ingredients, with ingredients lists you can fully understand. Most scents that fragrance their products come from essential oils, or natural fragrance oils from real fruits and flowers that are added.


Nekkid Honeydew Bath Gel 250ml, P220

 The intoxicating smell of honeydew and lemon makes it irresistible to lather on your skin. Bath gels are my favorite! I love using them more than soap because I can indulge in lathering without worrying about getting dry skin. I’m a bit obsessed with the scent and fragrance of bath gels because using a lovely smelling bath gel is something that really relaxes me and makes me happy. Obviously, Nekkid’s Bath Gel has been added to my growing favourites.

Nekkid Pure Eau de Parfum 30ml, P350

The floral fragrance that’s gentle and light makes this scent perfect for everyday. It kinda reminds me of my childhood cologne, Angel’s Breath. It presents a hint of citrus which makes it clean, lovely and subtle, I even let lil’ Ms. GJG wear it sometimes because it’s mild & a bit sweet smelling.


Nekkid Whipped Body Butter in Peach 130ml, P300

You know the consistency of whipped butter? Its soft, light and fluffy making it easy to smother. This is how Nekkid’s Whipped Body Butter feels.


A little goes a long way, as this dab covered my entire left arm. I love the velvety finish it give my skin. Body butter is great for all skin types but would benefit more those with dry and very sensitive skin.


Nekkid Creamy Body Scrub in Pomegrante & Mango 250g, P350

Probably one of the best creamy scrubs I’ve tried. It’s creamy like the body butter with a bonus of gentle scrub beads that can effectively exfoliate my skin, without the feeling of stripping off moisture. I like that after I rinse, my skin feels supple, taut and moisturised.


I super like the sweet smelling pomegranate & mango. So much so that I’m always looking forward to scrub day! 🙂

All Nekkid products range from P300-P700 only, I love the price points of Nekkid and I particularly love their cream scrub! Thanks again Sab for introducing me to your baby!



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