Food Find: More Healthy Snack Alternatives

My quest for yummy snacks is still ongoing. While I’m used to regularly working out, eating right for me is still challenging. Of course there will be some days when I just wanna stuff my face with junk food and not feel guilty about it (it’s called PMS) but there are just some days that I can really resist a bar of chocolate all because my workout that day was too challenging to add back empty calories in my system. Time like this I opt for apple, yogurt or vegetable crackers instead. Basic snacks like these if eaten regularly can be tiring. Luckily, I discovered more healthy snack alternatives.



Though these are not technically food, I included them in this round up because they nourish my body well. I remember my mom would make my sisters and I drink ampalaya juice. Sobrang solid sa pait (the bitter gourd  juice was really so bitter) our mom would let us eat chocolate right after. Thankfully there’s Ampalaya Plus. It’s a food supplement that contains the miracle vegetables and herbs Ampalaya, Banaba and Turmeric which are known components to help control blood sugar related diseases.

I do like me a good tea. Lately, I’ve been replacing my morning cup of coffee with a cup of tea. For some reason it makes my morning calm yet gives me enough energy to jumpstart my day. Delete Herbal Tea is a variant of Ampalaya Plus which has the good benefits of Ampalaya, Banaba, Turmeric and Green tea in a natural Calamansi flavor. One of my favorite teas to date.



While I was at the supermarket looking around for something to snack on I stumbled upon these Harvest Box goodies. I bring these whenever I accompany lil’ Ms. JG to her training. My favorite is the Banna Smoothie Health Bombs! Found these at Rustan’s for Php 99 each.



Got these at Salad Stop for about Php 100+ (I forgot exactly how much). I like that Salad Stop has other healthy snacks like my favorite California Crunch Cassava Chips. Though these Pop Rice are well, technically rice, they’re healthy alternative to junk food naman. 😉



I used to wonder how people come to love salad. That’s up until I became a convert and have learned to love it myself. The secret really is to taste delicious and uniques ones that you’ll eventually crave over anything else. And one of them is Green Giant Salad. My favorite among the ones sent to me is the Chicken Jambalaya. It’s a complete meal consisting of brown rice, chicken and greens.



If you’re not a water drinker like me try coconut water instead. Kajuayan 100% Coconut Water is rich in nutrients–it’s high in lauric acid and calcium and it a great alternative to water. I like that they work closely with farmers and pick only the freshest coconuts It’s a healthy drink that doesn’t make me bloat nor doesn’t make me feel guilty even if I have more than one bottle a day! They deliver for free with a minimum order. A bottle is at Php 50 and if you order again and return the bottles, you get Php 10 off per bottle. Order Kajuayan 100% Coconut Water HERE.



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    I’ve been looking for healthy snacks too! thank you for your post Jackie. It gave me an idea what to check out 🙂 I don’t think I can take drinking ampalaya juice though. haha

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