Fitness Spotlight: Mayton Eugenio

Mayton Eugenio might ring a bell to some as the daughter of famous dance icon Geleen Eugenio. But to many, she’s made a name for herself as she follows the footsteps of her mom as a dancer and an actress. Apart from her love for dancing & acting, she has also taken interest in cooking and baking. She has spent last year finishing her one-year culinary course at Center for Asian Culinary Studies under Cafe Ysabel.

Thankful that she was able to join me workout despite her busy schedule. What better way for Mayton to workout than to incorporate her passion for dancing? So off we did Zumba!


ME: What’s your typical day like?

MAYTON: I’m a morning person, so I wake up early and prepare my breakfast. And if I’m in a good mood, I also prepare my family’s breakfast. I watch what I eat and I am very particular with what I eat, so I prepare super healthy breakfast.

My typical day involves work but if I have time, I make sure I go to the gym ‘coz it’s just right across my house.  Gym for me is doing 30-minute cardio.

ME: Do you workout regularly?

MAYTON: I try. But I do go to the gym 3 times a week because I tend to gain weight fast.


ME: Any secrets on how you maintain your figure aside from going to they gym?

MAYTON: Number one is to watch alcohol intake. Drink but not to the point where you’ll get drunk. Everything should be in moderation and as much as possible, get enough sleep. Also, drink lots of water. This I learned from my sister who does cohen diet.


ME: Are you on a diet or are you the type who would eat anything you want?

MAYTON: I am on a diet. It’s been years since I last ate rice. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and if I’m craving for carbs like pasta, I substitute it with quinoa. And I really drink lots of water talaga. 


ME: Since you go on a diet, do you have cheat days? If there’s one food you indulge on, what is it?

MAYTON: Feeling ko sa sobrang healthy eater ko, healthy pa din yung cravings ko and indulgence ko. And that would be greek yogurt. Healthy pa din e! Lots of nuts and trail mix are also my indulgence.  But if it’s really cheat day, I eat whatever I crave. Bacon, super happy na ko when I eat bacon! Hindi ako maarte sa food but recently I got allergic to shrimp and crabs, so these are off the list 🙁


Zumba is a fun kind of workout. If you’re not a fan of repetitive sets of workout, then Zumba is for you. You burn calories because you move a lot! It’s cardio and toning at the same time. I admit, I really cannot dance so this is the most challenging workout I’ve tried! NKKLK!

ME: Are you really a dancer, I mean is it something that you really know how to do at a young age?

MAYTON: I don’t really see myself as a good dancer until other people notice my performance, they would come up to me and congratulate me. Since then mas na-realize ko na innate pala talaga ang pag sasayaw.

ME: Did you feel any pressure that you’re the dance icon, Geleen Eugenio’s daughter?

MAYTON: Medyo. Especially when I get compared to others. Also when people compare me to my mom, it’s really nakaka-pressure. Me naman, I did not enter the business to compare myself to my mom or to anyone else. Dancing really is something that I enjoy. Na kahit na sobrang busy day and there’s a dance class, I’d still go. It’s really my passion. 


Extra challenge! I cannot dance to save my life. Pang clubbing dancing lang ang alam ko, you know *sway, sway* lang! Hihi. Steph Sol also joined Mayton & I, may energy pa after our Suspension Training class!


ME: Did you have formal training ba when you were growing up?

MAYTON: My mom enrolled me in ballet when I was young so I can get a good foundation. I am flat footed kasi e but I wasn’t able to finish it. I felt it wasn’t for me kasi I was very chubby growing up and I felt very insecure. So I stopped. It was my brother and cousin who opened my eyes to dancing. Every time we’re in the US, we’d go to dance studios and I’d see different dancers. It was there where I found comfort in dancing. That I can move and be free to dance however I want. Party Pilipinas also helped me improve my craft because of the meticulous dance rehearsals I had to do so I can perfect my production number. 


ME: Was it hard to transition from dancing to acting?

MAYTON: Acting for me right now is more challenging and I am really willing to learn. With dancing kasi kahit na ilang weeks kang walang training once you know it, it’s easy na talaga e. With acting, it’s different. Because it’s a different feeling when viewers can relate to you e. To your role or to your character. Ang galing kapag nadadala mo yung viewers sa eksena and sa moment e. I think dance and acting are very different pero right now, mas may gusto akong mapatunayan sa acting scene. 


ME: How did you find the workout we just did? 

MAYTON: First time ko to do Zumba! It was really fun! I would really recommend this to people who loves dancing. It’s a basic workout that anyone can get into. Perfect to with friends or co-workers.


I was so impressed with Mayton, she danced as if she rehearsed the day before our workout! She quickly learned the steps as I struggle at the back trying to catch up! Heehee. Watch our quick video at the end of the post to see what I mean. Thanks again Mayton & Steph for doing Zumba with me!


ME: Do you have any practical advice to your followers and to my readers on how to start a healthier lifestyle?

MAYTON: First and foremost you have to find it in yourself. You have to make sure that you feel good doing it. Make sure your body benefits from it. Start small. Try to go to the gym 15-30 minutes a day and try to incorporate healthy food in your diet. It’s really challenging at first to try and do these but eventually when you get the hang of it, it gets better. 


Catch Mayton at Buena Familia everyday at 3:30 in the afternoon at GMA 7. Currently she’s working on posting healthy food and recipes on her Instagram account to encourage her followers to try eating healthy.  Check the hashtag #baconcooks #baconbakes #baconbreakfast. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @maytonbacon and her Facebook Fan Page MAYTONnatics


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