Fitness Spotlight: Stephanie Sol

For this week’s fitness spotlight, we have Stephanie Sol.

Steph and I go waaaay back for we were together for a TVC campaign. Although we have different story boards, still we bonded during the workshop and fitting. Anyway, it’s good to rekindle with her and I’m glad she was able to workout with me despite her very demanding schedule. For Steph, we did suspension training. Suspension training uses one’s body as weights so it’s really challenging. At One Life, they use 4-point suspension that lets you use your legs and arms together.


ME: When you’re not busy with work, what do you usually do? 

STEPH: I usually sleep. But since I live alone, I do errands during my free day. It’s also a chance for me to pamper myself – get a massage, got to the salon, watch a movie,  meet up with my friends or read a book. 


ME: What’s more challenging, working out or being a healthy eater?

STEPH: Workout for me isn’t as challenging as eating healthy. Once I get into it talaga, it’s easier na. Diet on the other hand is really a struggle for me. I like sweets kasi e. If I don’t have a sweet tooth, siguro super payat and sexy ko na! 

ME: Do you go on a diet ba?

STEPH: I don’t really believe in diets but I do believe in eating in moderation. But if there’s one thing that I indulge on, it’s really sweets, particularly chocolate. I can even eat one whole chocolate cake! I can skip main meals just so I can have dessert.


ME: Practical advice you can give to your followers & my readers when it comes to starting their fitness journey.

STEPH: All has been said na when it comes to how one can start his/her fitness journey. But for me, it’s really the discipline of doing it. You have to find a strong reason of why you’re doing it. It can be as practical as for work or as personal as wanting to be stronger. Find your WHY – why you wanna do it.


According to Steph, she doesn’t feel as fit as she used to before but contrary to what she said, she did all the sets like she’s been doing it regularly.


Suspension Training is challenging ha. It looks easy but it’s not! It really targets your core and balance. It’s something that I would do again because it challenges me.


Suspension training is one of my favorite workouts. It really challenges my stability and balance and it also trains my core to be strong.


ME: Secret in maintaining your physique despite not working out as often as you used to before.

STEPH: I sleep a lot and drink a lot of water. Cat naps really work for me and I make sure to hydrate myself even if I don’t workout. I guess being able to rest well and hydrate myself helps me 


Piking while your feet are hooked on the straps makes it extra challenging and it really targets the core.


Suspended bridge targets the glutes and powers up the legs.


ME: Lastly, any advice to girls who are still finding themselves and what they really want to do or be.

STEPH: It took me so long to find out who I am and what I really like but I guess it helped that I wasn’t afraid to try and explore different things. Try to get out of your comfort zone so you can learn what works for you and what doesn’t. When you find something that you like, be good at it and never let it go.


Finally, stretching time!

ME: Any advice for those who plan on living independently?

STEPH: It’s hard to live independently because you have to do everything yourself. I get stressed when I don’t follow my schedule. Now I let go and now I’m not as stressed as I used to be. I guess it’s about prioritizing what you need to do and let go of those you cannot control. 

Catch Steph at Juan Tamad and Dangwa TV shows on GMA 7.

You can also follow Steph @iamstephaniesol on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook.



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