Face Wardrobe With Dior x Cristina Madara

Beauty and fashion really go hand in hand because one would work better with the other. Most women (myself included) love building their wardrobe as they discover their personal style but when it comes to their beauty arsenal, they’d rather use what they’ve already tried and tested. It’s when I started blogging that I realized discovering beauty products to add to my arsenal is as essential as learning to edit my wardrobe.

Dior had an exclusive event at Lusso last week where image consultant Cristina Madara showed beauty enthusiasts and experts what Face Wardrobing is all about.

What is face wardrobe you ask? It has the same principle as investing on staple wardrobe in your closet. It’s basically dressing up your face with essential beauty products you need whether you’re aiming for a no-make up look or a fully made face that’s ready-for-the-night look.



The afternoon of beauty includes Cristina’s top 10 Dior Face Wardrobe staples, a face wardrobing demo, as well as the introduction of the newest product of Dior beauty- Nude Air.


 Dara David-Roa of Collab Contessa was the model of the day. Here she was being made up by Cristina, who as seen in the photo applied some of the 10 Dior Face Wardrobe staples one needs and can take her from a natural to a fully made up look.


With my table mates Tin Dychiao, Shari Macainag and Agoo Benzon.


Congratulations Dior PH team and Cristina Madara.

After Cristina’s demonstration, we had time try the products and swatch away. Since I’m such a sucker for lipsticks, of course that’s the first thing I tried. 😉


 Meanwhile, MFO was curious about Dior Nude Air. The consistency is light like of water yet it gives enough coverage to even out one’s skin tone and give that natural glow. Spot the acrylic acronym CD which stands for Christian Dior which also stands for Christine Dychiao! Uuuuy, may branding ka na Tin! Hihi.


I actually told MFO that she really doesn’t need any foundation since she has super nice skin, but according to her, she’s really on the lookout for one. One that can make her face radiate more especially on special events where she needs to look more effortlessly flawless. Look at how Dior Nude Air looks on Tin! Ganda lang diba? It blends well on her skin giving her that polished look. She loved it so much that she bought one agad-agad after the event! I on the other hand was a tad bit sad because I also love the feel of Dior Nude Air on my skin but unfortunately, the darkest shade available, (003 if I remember correctly) is still light for my skin tone. 🙁


Yuki of My Style Cat, Shari Macaraig of The Misty Mom, Cat Arambulo and I had tons of fun trying on some of Dior’s Face Wardrobing staples. Thanks for the photo Yuki!

Dior_FaceWardrobe_CristinaMadara_19Spent the afternoon with these beautiful ladies and gent surrounded with Dior beauty. Congratulations again Cristina & Dior PH for the lovely event.

For all the Dior lovers, watch out for Dior’s first ever Beauty Boutique store in Manila. It’ll be open sometime June of this year and we got exclusive first look at it. Can’t wait to share with you all what’s in store at Dior Beauty.



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