Essentials I Bring When I’m With My Kids

Christmas shopping can be very, very stressful especially if you’re toting young children around with you. In my case, I’ve learned it’s easier to use my bag as a diaper bag. Given my kids don’t really need too many things compared to when they’re babies, having one bag that I can sling across my body lets me hold hand with my two kids.

Now what exactly do I bring when I’m out holiday shopping with them? Most are necessities while others are items that would help me keep my children safe while we’re out doing last minute shopping.

Alcohol/Hand Sanitzer

It’s always something I have in my bag and my kids have formed a habit to use it whenever they know their hands have touched one too many things while we’re out.


Like hand santizer, I never leave the house without it. When you’re a mom, it’s becomes a necessity. You know how much easier life has become with a pack of wipes in your bag? Very much!

Face towel

As essential as the first two, face towels are for wiping my children’s sweat, cover their mouth when they sneeze and everything else. It also serves as an instant bib especially when they eat something that might mess their shirt such as ice cream.

Toilet seat cover

Being in a public place never guarantees you a clean toilet. And my lil’ Ms. JG is quite picky when it comes to bathrooms and cleanliness. She has very distinct sense of smell and would really not go if the potty is dirty. So for her safety, I always bring a disposable toilet seat liner.

Small toy

I let my kids pick one small toy (one that they can hold even with one hand). I give this to them whenever they’re getting bored shopping with me. This in return would make them busy, lessening that chance for them to wander around while I shop.


For accidents that you cannot foresee, one must always have a few pieces of bandage hidden in one’s wallet. Better to be prepared right?

Extra set of clothes

Usually kids below 7 years old tend to make a mess and that doesn’t exclude what they’re wearing. They might not hold it long enough to go to the bathroom – extra pants is needed or they sweat more than ever because of the holiday crowd – extra shirt comes in handy.


My kids are very active – lil’ Mr. JG the most! – so they sweat a lot and thankfully, they also drink a lot of water. So having bottles of Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water in my bag is a non-negotiable when they’re with me. Drinking safe water is always my concern whenever my kids and I are out and about.

Aside from these things, I also let my kids wear bright similar colored clothes so it’s easier for my husband and I to spot them in a large crowd. Also, I let them wear comfortable shoes so they can walk tirelessly along with us.

Holiday shopping can really be stressful especially if you’re with your children because your attention is divided between shopping and your kid. But it can also be fun for you get to pick out gifts for friends and family together. Just remember to bring these essentials with you, so you’re sure that the basics are covered when it comes to your children’s safety while you’re out shopping.


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