Fitness Spotlight: Coleen Perez

I took a second look the moment Coleen Perez walked into the studio. Does Marian Rivera have a sister? If so, is Coleen her? I asked myself this question. Coleen politely introduced herself to me and I was immediately drawn to her smile and how it complimented her sweet demeanor.


You can say that Coleen is fond of working out and has tried various types of workouts. Coleen & I did one of the workouts that helps her focus and mediate – yoga.

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India. There are different kinds but all serves the same purpose – to connect the body, mind and spirit. To bring awareness to all if not any of these aspects.


Coleen shared that she’s really into fitness but she admits this isn’t who she was two years ago for she weighed 165 lbs. then. Now she’s living an active lifestyle and has been a healthy eater ever since.

ME: What’s your typical day like?

COLEEN: I always make sure that I workout everyday, except if I have crazy schedule at work. My workout varies kasi e. There are days I do light workout and when I do this, I make sure to workout everyday, when I do moderate workout naman I do it 4 times a week but if it’s really hardcore workout, I do it at least 3 times a week.


ME: Are you on a diet?

COLEEN: I am on a high fiber, high protein and medium fat diet. I don’t eat meat anymore. But when I’m super busy and I can’t really focus on consuming a high fiber & protein and medium fat diet, I also do intermittent fasting  – it’s basically counting calories. No need to eat frequent small meals or stick to three meals a day as long as the calories you consume is within the limit you set.

ME: Do you have a cheat day?

COLEEN: I do have cheat days! Weekends really are cheat days for me because these days I spend with friends and family. I don’t deprive myself because it’s too sad. It’s sad not to eat cake or chocolate! Ako it’s my favorite talaga! But you know, I have discipline not to eat sweets on weekdays but I have to have it on weekends.

ME: What made you decide to change your eating habits and lifestyle?

COLEEN: It started with a heartbreak. In that stage of my life, I felt like everything was aligning. I graduated from college and broke up with my boyfriend for 3 years. I was in a transition of my life and I realized I wanted to be a better version of me. So I ran, swam, and did dance classes. My first month working out I already lost 10 lbs. But on my third month, I went on plateau so I had to intensify my diet and workout.

ME: How did you find our workout?

COLEEN: I enjoyed it because I really like doing yoga. It’s something that I do from time to time. Yoga kasi for me resets my mind and helps me focus. Every time I workout, my goal is to challenge myself to do better next time.

ME: One advice you can give to my readers and your followers who want to shift to a healthier lifestyle?

COLEEN: If you’re starting your fitness and he alt journey, remember that you should do it for yourself and not for anybody else. Do if for yourself to be a better and healthier you. Keep yourself healthy so you have more years ahead of you to enjoy, kasi the secret is to live a healthy life talaga. Just know what you want and why you wanna do it. 


When you’re burned out, always remember your goal. Why you started and what you want accomplish. Always, always do it for yourself.- Coleen Perez


You can catch Coleen in Faithful Husband on GMA 7 as the best friend of Louise Delos Reyes. Watch out for her movie with Nora Aunor entitled Kabisera showing next year. To get updates, follow Coleen Perez on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.


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