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When my lil’ Ms. GJG was asked to give an example of what technology is she shyly replied “I think a laptop is technology, just like an iPad or an iPhone.” 

We often associate technology with innovations and gadgets. Well, this is actually correct as technology is any man-made object that makes life easier- from tables to transportation. We learned more about technology and engineering last week when lil’ Ms. GJG attended the Out Of This World (Aerospace Engineering) class of Engineering For Kids at Fully Booked in BGC.


Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

Out_Of_This_World EFK_AerospaceEngineering1 EFK_AerospaceEngineering


“I’m kinda excited to learn how people make things fly.”

This was her reaction when the EFK facilitators explained what Aerospace Engineering is.


The session focused on chemical engineering which later on lead to a hands on experiment conducted by the kids themselves.





My lil’ engineer was so excited to build her very own rocket!



Lil’ Ms. GJG’s rocket is ready for launch.


Fill half of the rocket with vinegar and add the serving of baking soda. Cover it with a cork and shake.


Then get ready to launch.


I wasn’t able to capture the launch, nonetheless the kids were amazed at how pantry staples such a vinegar and baking soda, when mixed together can launch a rocket!


My lil’ Ms. GJG had so much fun during the EFK session. She still couldn’t believe that she was able to create her own rocket and even got to launch it!


The next day, the fun continued at home as we were given an activity kit to try. My lil’ chemical engineers had so much fun creating their own flub. All they needed to do was mix water, glue and the secret solution to create one.

I see it in their eyes the excitement they experienced after being able to create something from scratch. It’s not often that they get to do this so thanks so much Engineering For Kids for letting my kids learn about engineering the fun way.

Engineering For Kids and Challenge Island are franchised here in the Philippines by SMILE, a private owned company. It aims to be the preferred institution specialising in modern interactive learning experiences designed for educational organisations and corporations in the Philippines. Smile offers a wide range of hands-on activities that promotes stem education, problem solving, critical thinking as well as social skills building through experimental learning.

The first STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program in the Philippines is EFK (Engineering For Kids). It is an enrichment after school program originally from the US that comprise 10 engineering programs- Marine Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronic Game Design, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Each program has two levels of classes- Junior Engineers (4-6 years old) and Apprentice/Master Engineers (7-14 years old). In each program, it is explained how things work through different kinds of fun and real-life situations allowing them to be more imaginative while developing their problem-solving skills.

To learn more about EFK programs and classes visit their website and follow them on their social media channels.


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