Channeling Carrie

I’ve been hooked with The Carrie Diaries ever since it went on air January of this year. I’ve been simultaneously reading the book while watching the series. I tell you it can be quite confusing and to be honest, I kinda like the TV series more. Anyway, watching it made me realize that the 80s really is about two things: the bigger the better and the brighter the better. LOL


The curls, the kilay, I like! πŸ˜‰

Outfits on the show is either puffy or bright. I have to say, I really, really love Carrie Bradshaw’s (played by AnnaSophia) Manhattan outfits. The peplums and sequins are just lovely. It kinda looked modern as if it were the present but still very much the 80s.

This outfit post is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw. Styled and photographed by Kelly Medina of

Sorry for the not so crisp photos, I wasn’t able to fix the camera settings when we shot this. πŸ™ I honestly wish I have a PA or someone who can tag along with me to take my outfit shots like top fashion bloggers. Hello, so hard na nga finding good help, PA pa kaya?! Wishful thinking lang naman. Maybe someday when I really need and can afford one noh? Like living the donya life- yaya/personal assistant/driver! Aaaaah! But for now, I’m living the Carrie Bradshaw life. Doing things by myself and just enjoying the present.


To avoid wardrobe booboos, wear boy shorts when you wear skirts. Saves you the trouble of being conscious and worrying if your underwear is showing.


I love this tule skirt which I got from Ebay. Online thrift shopping is really my thing! I think I got this for less than 350 pesos. Such a steal!


Again, fail proof dressing is all about balance. Pair short bottoms with more textured and long tops to add depth. Naks, ang lalim lang! But you get what I mean right? πŸ™‚





Denim chambray top: Zara

Tule ballet skirt: H&M

Red belt: Mango

Color block necklace: For Hailey & Five

Orange snakeskin sandals: Zara

I can actually see myself wearing this outfitey as IΒ Β walk down Manhattan to have coffee with my girlfriends. LOL



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