Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba Launch

The launch of Bulgari Omnia Paraiba here in Manila happened two weeks back at The SM Store, SM Makati. I felt like I was transported to Brazil, in the middle of a tropical rainforest where only the beauty of nature (and make up heehee) surrounds me. Aaaah, Brazil! Someday I shall see you. For now, I’m content with having a scent inspired by you and your beauty.

Supermodel, Joey Mead-King hosted the intimate launch. Isn’t she a stunner? She literally stood out from the hues of greens that surrounded her.


From the Amazon to the Iguazu Falls, the baroque palter of Salvador to the futuristic decor of Brasilia, the beaches of Rio to the fields of precious stones of Minas Gerais and the Northeastern Region, Nature in Brazil is magical cauldron open to the skies. The effervescence of the vegetation andy he minerals found in this garden on the planet resonates with an energy verging on the psychedelic. A tropical Eden with saturated colours, of devastating bounteousness ad eclecticism. 
Bvlgari_OmniaParaiba_JackieGo_3The Paraiba Tourmaline is a jeweller’s dream. Tourmaline is a stone that symbolises the spectacular wealth of gems found in Brazil. Its mysterious beauty presents many colours and echoes the hues of the rainbow.

The “master of colour”, Bulgari, hunting for the usual gems in the four corners of the world, could not fail to be fascinated by this geological and mineral rarity and its dazzling blue-green colour – slightly lagoon, slightly aquamarine, slightly turquoise – which encapsulates the meeting between the sky, the sea and the plant kingdom; the Paraiba tourmaline.




From its first notes, all the facets of Brazil are found dancing in Omnia Paraiba. In a sort of ultra-modern olfactory fusion which captures the wild essence of the tropical flora. Like the Brazilian landscape artist, Burle Marx, who invented the concept of the planet-garden in his astonishing laboratory-orchard at Guaratiba, Alberto Morillas travelled to Brazil, where the sea, the beach and the foremost form an inseparable trilogy, to gorge on colours and sensations. At the heart of this profusion of images, sounds and aromas, a “feeling of Brazil” took shape, free from conventional codes. In a new form of alchemy for Bulgari, between the Tropics and the world of Mediterranean. Bvlgari_OmniaParaiba_Bottle

The fragrance opens on a fresh and vibrant citrus start, combining the sparkly and dazzling tonalities of Curacao Bigarde with the juicy and tangy flesh of the Maracuja passion fruit. A head chord which grabs with its luminosity, its lightness and its gentle insouciance.

Artist Soleil Ignacio carefully and meticulously hand-painted more than a handful Bulgari Omnia Paraiba bottles during the launch.Bvlgari_OmniaParaiba_JackieGo_5

The flamboyant nature of Omnia Paraiba is revealed in its heart. Both generous and precious, it combines the creamy sunny character of the Gardenia with the exotic fruity floral note of the Passion Flower. A combination which brings great depth to the fragrance.Bvlgari_OmniaParaiba_JackieGo_4

Of course I didn’t pass the opportunity to have my very own Omnia Paraiba painted by Soliel. The delicate hand painted florals complimented the lovely bottle.Bvlgari_OmniaParaiba_JackieGo_8

In its base notes, the heat increases, the rhythm picks up speed and an intense sensuality takes shape. The timeless elegance of Vetiver brings elegant, woody and hypnotic elements to the delicious powdery accents of the Cocoa Bean. Creating the exquisite sensation of skin warmed by the sun. Bvlgari_OmniaParaiba_JackieGo_1

The Brazilian setting was completed with live Bossa Nova tunes.Bvlgari_OmniaParaiba_JackieGo_7

We inhaled the bossa vibes hoping that we can imbibe it! Heehee. Here I was with Alyssa Lapid, Nikki Tiu, and Angela Nepomuceno.

Bulgari Omnia Paraiba is now available at SM Store Beauty Section, Rustans Department Stores and other leading department stores.


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