But First, Coffee!

I am one of the many people who cannot function properly without first having a cup of coffee. These funny coffee mugs basically sum up how I am with my first cup in the morning.


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The moment I wake up, I check my phone and immediately as if by cue, my mind would softly utter BUT FIRST, COFFEE before even attempting to think about the gazillions things I need to do.

I cannot remember the first time I had a sip of this powerful beverage. But I believe it was one of the best moments of my life. The sheer joy of being allowed to have this drink felt like it was my right of passage to adulthood. Since then, I couldn’t resist a good cup.

My love for creating coffee for two started back when my husband and I were newlyweds, I would gladly make our cup together.

One teaspoon coffee, two teaspoons sugar and two teaspoons creamer. This is his perfect formula.

One teaspoonful coffee, two teaspoons sugar and three teaspoonfuls of  creamer. This was my perfect formula, obviously, I like my coffee creamy.

My coffee routine is pretty simple, I take it first thing in the morning and when I need an extra kick, I make my second cup come lunch time and if I need to pull an almost all-nighter, I drink my third cup after dinner. You can say I do have a good, lasting relationship with my coffee maker, coffee mug and Coffee-Mate.


I can try different coffee beans and change coffee mugs depending on my mood but the one thing that remains in my coffee formula that I don’t dare change is my Coffee-Mate. Coffe-Mate is my coffee’s perfect partner. It’s non-dairy which is partly the reason why I like it, since I’m intolerant to cow’s milk.

After xx years of being a coffee drinker and after trying dozens of coffee from various restaurants, hotels and third wave coffee shops, still nothing beats creating my own cup at home.

 I guess mixing the three key ingredients- coffee, brown sugar and Coffee-Mate creamer- to achieve the right blend makes creating each cup a delicate process only the barista and drinker can appreciate. This is what makes my timpla (mix) unique to my own and my husband’s palette. Thankfully, our basic coffee formula differs from time to time as I learned a few recipes during my barista session at the Coffee-Mate University.


Adding a dash of chocolate to my perfect cup for days when I feel like I need an extra boost of happiness.


My not-so-secret-secret: I bring my own sachets of Coffee-Mate with me wherever I go. I stash it in my not-so-small-bag. I just want to be sure I get my second or third cup of coffee the way I want it to be- creamy and overwhelmingly delicious with the help of Coffee-mate.

Nothing like starting my day early so I can get things done, but first, COFFEE! Hi, I’m Jackie Go and I’m a coffee addict. 😀 Read about the Coffee-Mate BTS for the TVC I did HERE.


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