5 Rules For Women On The Go

Hi everyone! How was your Holy Week break? I hope you took the time to rest & recharge physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Thankfully, the long weekend gave me enough time to do just that. Today’s a start of a brand new week and I have a lot of stories to share but still hung over with the vacation I did with my family. To kickstart another busy yet wonderful week, I’m sharing with you all the recent video I did for Female Network where I shared my 5 tips for women on the go.

These tips have been very useful to me on days that I feel like I’m everywhere and have a gajillion things to do – isn’t it everyday that I feel this way?! Heehee. Anyhow, let me know what think and I hope these tips help you get through a busy day.

Here’s to a productive week for all of us! 🙂



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    You have a really nice voice Jackie ♥ Pero parang it sounded different from your Wilkins commercial hehe anyhow, you are truly one amazing momma! #canrelate Thanks for sharing words of wisdom to moms like me.

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