#ScienceToYourSport: Our 360 PRO Group Workout

While I’ve been doing Pilates regularly for almost two years now, I wanted to up my fitness game to whole new level. Thankfully, my Boracay buddies and I are dedicated to being each other’s fitspirations. So we planned our very first workout together as soon as we all had a free time. What better workout to do that the one headed by Coach Chappy Callanta–360 PRO!


360 PRO with the PROS! Jeff of Pinoy Fitness with my brother from another mother, Kelly of Lift Style and Coach Chappy Callanta. We missed my roomie Nikki Torres during our small group workout!

What went down during our group workout? Watch the video made by my Ahia Jeff posted on his website www.pinoyfitness.com


Also bumped into my fellow Smart ambassador, Boom who also works out at 360 PRO.

Post workout face haha! Was it challenging? Yes. Did I die? Ummm I died inside! Heehee. I’m regularly going to 360 PRO na because I’m excited to experience what I can do and how I can be stronger. I’ve already done 5 sessions with Coach Chappy and I can already feel the difference. Excited to update you guys with my progress and share with you all the workouts I’ve been doing with #360PRO


Thanks again Coach Chappy for always pushing and challenging me even! Thank you also for being patient with me whenever I whine like a baby. Bwahahaha! 😀

If you and your friends are interested to do small or big group workout go ahead and get in touch with 360 PRO through 0917-6575202. I swear, it’s so much fun to workout with your friends! The support they give can really push you to do your best.

360 PRO is located at SPARTA (Sports and Recreational Training Arena) 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong, Philippines



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