Chooseday: My Mom Moment



Hi everyone! Currently in Singapore for a quick escape from our usual routine since the kids are on their semestral break. Though this is the perfect time to post this because for some strange reason, I’m all emotional after checking the tons of photos I took of us on this trip–to think we still have a few more days to explore–suddenly I am reminded of a familiar feeling (read: nostalgia) every time I share special moments with my kids.

Anyhow, a little #throwbackthursday even thought it’s a Tuesday today as I unearth these photos of our feature for BC magazine three years ago. Lil’ Mr. JG isn’t even a year old and my lil’ Ms. JG is three years old. During this shoot I had to ask my father-in-law if he can drive for me going to the studio since I have to mind my two tots at the back of the car. I had no yaya nor helper then and though the photos turned out absolutely great (I have Tanya of BC Mag & team to thank for!) what transpired during the shoot (behind the scenes) is a familiar scenario I know most moms can relate to. It’s chaotic, it’s challenging but at the same time it’s fun–also known as motherhood. Heeheehee.

This photo basically sums up my day to day life (though I don’t look this decent most of the time heehee). I try to juggle blogging and taking care of my kids. Though multi-tasking doesn’t guarantee one to excel in all tasks, it can however help a person be productive and I know most moms have developed this. Currently multi-tasking (let’s call it a workcation okay? Teehee) as I update my blog while we’re on vacation. I know, I know I should enjoy but I can’t help it because my blog is part of who I am, so technically it’s okay! 😉

So why am I so emotional today? I don’t know! I guess it’s because our trip has a lot of firsts for our family, particularly for my kids. Now that I’ve really realize how moments can be fleeting, I wanna make sure that I get to truly enjoy them.

I’m writing this quick post while the kids take their nap. We’ll be off exploring more of Singapore in a few hours but I couldn’t let this day pass without sharing this mom moment. I’ve never been this emotionally charged while on a vacation–probably PMS talking but who cares? ;)–so I’m just putting this out here.

It’s no joke to travel with kids. It can be draining, challenging and exhausting. I’m a bit pooped out to be honest but you know what, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Traveling with kids is no different with day to day life of a mother, at the end of they day we’re exhausted but knowing our kids are safe, happy and healthy, we’re good right? So whether you’re on a vacation or just home for the holiday and you’re a momma who’s exhausted here’s a Scary Mommy article that I hope will get you by.

Enjoying this MOMent with my kids because I know they won’t be young forever. They do grow up so fast. Today’s #Chooseday and I’m taking advantage of this quick break to take it all in and just enjoy moments spent with my kids which eventually I hope will become memories worth remembering. I can’t wait to bombard you all with my Singapore blog posts. Heehee. For now you can check out snippets of our trip on my Instagram (lots of Instagram stories). Hope you all have a good holiday!



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