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I’m a lemon water drinker and as much as I can, I try to take a bottle with me wherever I go. For this purpose, I rely on my AquaZinger bottle which I got at Qrius.ph.

Qrius_Aquazinger_JackieGo_2My Aqua Zinger lets me have lemon water anytime, anywhere. I just put half a lemon on the zinger and it does its job to zing lemon juice to my water.


And since I workout, I prefer sports bottle more. Thankfully, there’s Aqua Zinger Sports Cap which lets me convert my Aqua Zinger into a sports bottle.
Qrius_Aquazinger_JackieGo_3Aqua Zinger Sports Cap, P180.
Qrius_Aquazinger_JackieGo_4Lemon or orange water while at the gym? Yes, please!

Qrius_Zingo_JackieGo_Zingo, P750


Zingo is a BPA-free plastic that’s lightweight and compact. The translucent look helps hide scuff, cloudiness and any other wear and tear that might occur while you use it on a busy day.


Citrus Zinger, P1,195

If you’re looking into getting your zing on, I suggest you get the Cirtrus Zinger. For me, it’s the basic bottle to get you started. It has a finger hole for easy carrying and it’s lightweight & BPA-free like the Zingo. It’s the Zinger that you can take to yoga class or at the office.


Aqua, Kid, Citrus and Zingo require only a three easy, peasy steps to get your zing started.

Press. Twist. Infuse.

 No excuse now to not drink lemon water when you’re at the gym, in the office, or even when you’re running around your neighborhood for errands.

Qrius_Kidzinger_JackieGoKid Zinger, P895
Qrius_Kidzinger_JackieGo_3The Kid Zinger takes the citrus-infusing technology of the Citrus Zinger and shrinks it down to kid-size.In addition to being smaller than the parent Citrus Zinger, the Kid Zinger is also redesigned to be more kid-friendly, using a rounded citrus press tip to avoid injury and adds a pop-up straw to the lid to help prevent spills.

Qrius_Kidzinger_JackieGo_2Zing a fruit, add honey and you’ve got fresh fruit juice for your kids.


Kid Zinger, like the other zingers is easy to dismantle and clean. It’s got 4 pieces that even my lil’ JGs find easy to assemble.

Here they are tinkering their new bottles. Sobrang obvious lang na excited sila talaga! I don’t know if it’s just my kids who look forward to drinking water whenever they have new bottles or do other kids feel the same? 🙂


If you want to start you lemon water journey, go ahead and order imported lemons from Lemons and Greens. They’re cheaper than in the supermarkets.


Did you know that you can your Zing creation can last for 12 hours in room temperature? Once refrigerated, it can last for three days. Yay! You can also check out other recipes at ZingAntyhing.com. So go ahead and start your zing journey today. 🙂

Aqua Zinger, Citrus Zinger, Kid Zinger, Zingo are available at Qrius.ph.


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