Wink Shapewear Postpartum And Slimming Bikini Review

With the holiday season fast approaching, gatherings and Christmas parties are inevitable. They basically consume the entire weekends of December. This only means one thing: pigging out! And when we indulge on pigging out, we tend to have an extra bulge. That’s when shape wears and slimming wears come in handy.

Let me introduce Wink Shapewear.


  • It is Made in the USA
  • It is not just a shapewear, but a medical grade postpartum and slimming shapewear
  • Offers the only system of medical post-pregnancy and recovery compression garments, as well as shapewear
  • Functional yet stylish
  • Very strong materials, but very comfortable and pretty, almost like a lingerie
  • ONLY shapewear that provides enough pressure to actually slim the body and reduce appearance of cellulites
  • Help abdominal muscles return to their natural shape after delivery and/or weight loss
  • Wink™ patented fabrics are anti-microbial
  • 100% latex and formaldehyde free
  • Soft, silky and breathable
  • Seamless, smooth, and sensual – no one will ever know you’re wearing it
  • Only shapewear that can slim you down to 2 inches
  • Helps to recover from pregnancy while helping get back to pre-pregnancy clothes
  • Helps ease incisional pain in post CS moms and helps ease abdominal pain brought by uterine contractions
  • An investment and a wardrobe staple for women
  • Provides utmost value for money, because its use can be extended well beyond after pregnancy.
  • Manufactured with the help of an OB/GYN and a plastic surgeon
  • Run from size 2XS up to 3XL

WinkShapewearUltimatePostpartumUltraBikiniI got the chance to road test Wink Shapewear. Distributed by Urban Essentials Inc. a company created by two friends Joy & Timmie who understand women and their obsession in finding the right shapewear.

Wink Shapewear Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini comes in black and nude. SRP 3,870 php

Here are actual photos of me wearing Wink Shapewear Ultimate Post Partum Ultra Bikini in Nude.

I like it because having two C-sections on both my deliveries to my kids, it’s so much convenient to wear. I don’t have to pull it up and hurt my incision, thanks to the side hook & eye closure. WinkShapewearEven if you’re not in your postpartum, this is still ideal to wear under your skin-tight dress. It doesn’t give a muffin top bulge as it sits perfectly atop the ribcage. And the top band is thick enough not to slip down, holding it in place.

WinkShapewear4It has three layers of hook & eye for both the side and bikini closures. This helps to maximize compression on your waist and stomach.
WinkShapewear3WinkShapewear2Now you know my secret to a flat belly! 😉

There’s a perfect Wink Shapewear for each woman.

winkshapewear winkshapewear1


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Contact them at their hotlines: 0919.912-9645 and (02) 7012800.

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