White Chic

Aaaah here’s another white outfit post that’s currently my favorite. I remember avoiding white as much as possible because a) I can’t keep anything white clean, b) I feel and I know, I look fat in it and c) I haven’t seen any white piece that I truly fell in love with. But what’s weird is that as I try and build my wardrobe, I find myself adding more whites and blacks. Still, I my quest for the perfect white suit (blazer and trouser) remains as I still haven’t found the one with the perfect material, style that fits my budget. (Is there a suit that isn’t expensive?!)

As I was browsing through eBay, I stumbled upon this pretty dope jumpsuit. You can say it was love at first sight. Ever since I saw the auction, I watched it for days. Eventually, my stalking skills on eBay paid off as I won the item! Persistence is the key to shopping on eBay!



Super perfect the fit of this jumpsuit. Yun lang, hindi ako pwedeng mag buffet wearing this for there would’t be enough room for my tummy!


It was as if the eBay fairies know my quest for the perfect white suit. It may not be a two piece suit but still, me likey.


I wore this during the all-white party of Fitflop in Bohol.


The banded back makes it chic and easy to wear.


The thing about purchasing on eBay is that you must know your size, since all measurements are just estimates. During the time I was bidding on this, I just wished it would fit me! Heehee. I purchased this over the holidays and man was it tight when I first tried it on. A month into yoga and pilates then, I tried it on again and yeeeees it finally fits!


I never thought I’d find my first white suit on eBay and would cost less than P1,000. Ay lavett! See, wardrobe building need not to be expensive. You simply must know where to look. Regardless of the brand, if you think it would suit you, then go ahead and buy it! 😀




Suit: bough on eBay

Shoes: YSL Tribute

Acrylic clutch: case from Happy Skin x Stylized



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