What’s A Holiday Without Holiday Whole-Meat Ham?

Ever since I got married 7 years ago, I’ve never hosted a Christmas gathering at our own home. Noche Buena is always spent with my husband’s family while Christmas lunch is celebrated with my family. While I don’t prepare a festive spread, I make sure I bring something for our annual holiday celebrations, usually it’s ham. It’s something both our families cannot do away with during Christmas gatherings with family. It’s probably one if not, the only food most kids in our family look for every Christmas gathering.

So when a friend gave me this, I was one happy kid!


I remember I first tried Holiday Whole-Meat Ham years ago and I recall it even more whenever I see Chef Rob Pengson’s TV commercial of it. How I would nod in approval– of how it’s made from one whole boneless meat from the hind leg,  which is the best part of pork for hams; how it has net marks which is a clear sign that it’s a whole meat ham (only whole meat hams can be smoked in ham nets); and how it has a richer flavour, all thanks to its special holiday sauce.

I immediately cut open the packaging, sliced a few pieces to cook for me and my lil’ JGs to indulge.


Would you look at that beauty! It was no surprise that my kids love it. They’re very picky kasi when it comes to meat. They don’t eat as much meat as they should (I swear, even BBQ is challenging for them to eat). I guess they don’t like how much effort they have to put into chewing it. But with Holiday Whole-Meat Ham, one bite is all they need to declare their love for it – tender and soft, just the way they like it.


“It’s super yummy and easy to eat!” says my 3 year old son. Haha. I like how cute he described it.

“Mom, this is so gooooood!” says my 5 year old picky eater.

I guess my kids figured out that not all hams are created equal. They surely taste the difference with Holiday Whole-Meat Ham.

My lil’ Ms. JG even requested if she can have ham sandwich for snack in school. Baon woes solved! 😀

Definitely not guilty serving this to my kids because Holiday Whole-Meat Ham is made from 100% one whole boneless meat from the hind leg and has absolutely no extenders! It has the right amount of sweet and salty. The sauce simmered with the ham seeped within the meat, making each slice rich in flavor. And to add more flavor, we slathered on the special ham glaze (ooh please make this available in the market!) on each slice, making it truly a feast in your mouth.


On my next holiday ham indulgence, I’ll pair Holiday Whole-Meat Ham with a few slices of Danes Cheese Ball, to truly imbibe and feel the holiday festivities. Di ba? very Pinoy Pasko ang ham at cheeseball? 🙂 Ham really is an integral part of Christmas lunches and dinners and it has become a part of Filipino Christmas tradition. My family & I love indulging in it over the holidays. We certainly #TasteTheDifference and we can’t get enough of CDO #HolidayHam.

Thankful for friends who know me too well to send my favorite food for the holidays! Thank you, thank you! 🙂

Holiday Ham SRP

1 kg whole P490

1 kg pre-sliced P490

1.5 kg whole P735

1.5 kg pre-sliced P735




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