Unboxed: #SmartiPhone7 Plus


I am not tech savvy enough to get giddy over gadget launches because I really don’t have FOMO when it comes to what’s new in the tech scene but but but for the new iPhone 7, I was totally excited!


It’s been a year since I signed with Smart and here I was at Eastwood City for the launch of #SmartiPhone7. If you follow me on Instagram @gojackiego you know how much fun it was to see my Smart family and I wasn’t a lola that night! Though it was waaaaay past my bedtime, I managed to stay a little after midnight (how very Cinderella) so I can take home my very own #SmartiPhone7 Plus. Yes!

You can watch what went down during the launch HERE.


I got the iPhone7 plus in rose gold because Mr. JG gifted me a rose gold Apple watch. Hashtag matchy-matchy. LOL


If you look at it closely you won’t really see any difference compared with iPhone 6s Plus save that the ear speaker (that horizontal line beside the front camera) is longer. The home button is more pressure sensitive and doesn’t depress fully coz it’s got the Taptic Engine–giving you tactile feedback as you press. So if you’re used to feeling the push whenever you press the home button with your thumb, you’ll need a bit of time to get used to this. Though I like that the home button is customisable–three haptic options to choose from–I just wish I can get used to it soon else I might break it! Heehee.


You know it’s an iPhone 7 Plus because of the dual rear cameras. This is one of the reasons why I wanted it in the first place. The depth effect when shooting portrait is AHHHHMAZING!


EarPods is the one thing that’s changed. There’s no longer a jack but still we can use our preferred earphone or headphone because it comes with an adapter. You connect the EarPod to the lightning connector so you can enjoy listening to music or watching your favorite video on it but obviously you cannot charge and use your EarPod at the same time (a bit of a let down if you wanna do it together). Now I want AirPods (wireless version of EarPods) instead!


These are the things I’ve quickly picked up transitioning from iPhone 6s Plus to iPhone 7 Plus. So you ask me how do I find it? Here are some photos I took hours and days after getting it.


Front camera has improved. It also has 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.


Dual rear camera offering 12 Megapixel which has improved low-light shooting.


Portrait shooting. That depth effect/bokeh is the one that made me get this phone in the first place. The photos looked like I shot them using a mirrorless camera.


Though it’s depth feature is great, it requires more light (natural as possible) for it to capture crisps photos otherwise it would look grainy.


Still it’s one of the best features of the iPhone 7 Plus. Winner!


You can still get your#SmartiPhone7. Drop by any Smart stores or check out http://smart.com.ph/iphone7 to inquire.


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