Today’s Outfitey: Cropped Pants

You know how we girls love jeans? Well I do, particularly those body-hugging slim fit jeans that makes me look skinnier and taller. But for the new year I’ve promised myself that I would push my boundaries & be more experimental when it comes to styling and clothing. One of it would include owning different cuts and styles of pants.

So today’s key piece: I share with you my cropped pants.

cut the crop! LOL

It’s also called genie pants, unlike any normal straight cut cropped pants this particular one tends to be “ballon-ish”. The cropped bottom has a button on each leg so when I tried to pull up my pants, nagmuka talaga akong genie. LOL I liked it though, the cut is unusual and it’s nice for tall girls like me (talagang pinanindigan ko na tall ako eh no?) it’s not bulky as you think, rather it gives the illusion of being slimmer & taller. Oh did I tell you the best part? I got this beauty for only P300. Sale kase! I love SALE! 😀


Blue tank top: Cotton On

Black Cropped Pants: Memo (winner ang sale!)

Red Belt: Memo (mas mahal pa sya by P50 kesa sa pants pero deadma na!)

Gray Wooden Wedge: Zara

You can pair dark colored pants with any bright colored top or belt. I’ve been on the dark side (not the kind of dark side you’re thinking) of clothes ever since I can remember. Favorite ko ang mono tone levelz kase it’s easy to pair and mix & match kahit iba ang textures, cuts and details. But like I said, it’s time I move out of my comfort zone and try something new. The red belt made the outfit more lively di ba? You can also opt for a yellow, mustard or brown belt para ma-iba lang ang hues.

Ngayon ko lang na-realize that my personal style leans towards being “crisp & clean”. Wit ko pa carry yun magulo at ang daming nagaganap sa isang outfitey. Najijilo vega ako! Parang malakas maka-irita lang pag magulo ang outfit for me. Pero ika nga ni Ara Mina “We can never can really tell” malay nyo in my next post ma-achieve ko ang “wild & frenzy” look, for that I shall chanel the inner Mitch Dulce & Kate Torralba in me. For now, magpapaka-Twiggy muna ako.

photo c/o The husband (in fer, pumayag ang boss ko na gawin ko syang personal photographer, very supportive! gudjob Mr. Go!)


(yes hug hug hug ang gusto ko, maiba lang :p)




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