Tips When It Comes To Playing Dress Up

Did you know that clothes can be a tool in helping your child unleash her imagination and creativity?

Playing dress up is one of the few activities my children love doing. They like the idea that they can be who they want to be, just by changing their clothes & being in character. It is their way of expressing themselves and being able to exercise making decisions for themselves.

Dressing up is really a fun thing to do especially when you’ve got someone else to do it along with you – in the case of my kids, they encourage each other to pretend play. For me, there’s a thing or two that I usually consider when it comes to playing dress up, especially when it comes to my kids. And I’d like to sharing it here on the blog. These may  feel like it’s all common sense but sometimes, we tend to forget, so I’m just putting out here for reference.


First, your kids should be comfortable in what they’re wearing. There’s no sense playing dress up if your kids can’t move freely in their clothes. If you’re investing on costumes, go for a size up so your child can use it more than once. Look at my lil’ Ms. JG’s Wonder Woman costume, it’s a size up and I had to tweak it a bit so it won’t be too loose for now, in a year I’m sure this would still fit her more perfectly.


Second, give them an opportunity to play dress up not only at home but elsewhere. Here’s my lil’ ballerina wearing her ballet recital gown. She has worn this a few times after her recital just because she loves being a ballerina.


My little Cinderella went to the ball, errr, I mean the movies, and enjoyed seeing Cinderella  on the big screen. She was happy, pretty and very confident walking around the mall in this lovely dress.


It doesn’t have to be a costume, you can just simply let your child pick her own clothes and let her wear it outside of home. Not only are you encouraging her creativity and imagination, you’re also giving her the opportunity to make her own decision and hone her confidence. Out and about with me wearing her Elsa sleeping dress and a pair of gloves to boot.

Third, playing dress up isn’t always about wearing the right clothes. Sometimes, all it takes is accessories (and imagination) to make it work. Make use of hair accessories, eyewear, or even face paint to make dress up more fun and exciting.


At a young age, my lil’ Ms. JG has shown great interest when it comes to clothes and when it comes to dressing up. It’s no surprise that her brother follows suit and have come to love dressing up to the point that he would choose what shirt and shoes he’ll wear. Now, playing dress up has become one of the things they love doing together.


Last but definitely not the least, make sure that the clothes you let your child wear are free from toxins, chemicals and allergens. I refrain from letting my kids wear anything that has a strong-smell coming from the print or from the textile/ fabric of the clothes as it causes them allergic rhinitis. So be sure to check on clothes & accessories before letting your child wear it. Safety should always be our top priority when it comes to letting our kids play and have fun.


Like any other fun activity, it is important to let your kids rest and have their snack. My lil’ JGs like hydrating themselves in between any activity and my partner in doing this is no less than Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water. It ensures safe water for my family at home to make our bonding moments more fruitful. Because safety isn’t only important on the outside, it’s equally important that we’re choosy and careful as to what to give to our children, especially what they eat and drink.


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  1. Sharon Lagunero says

    Cuteness overload Ms Jackie! Your lil JG’s are so charming! Btw, can I ask where did you get lil Ms JG’s wonderwoman costume? Thanks!

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