Tips To Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Hello everyone! Happy to announce I am now on my fifth month and that Dragon baby is a BOY! 🙂 Woooot! Also thankful other than baby is a boy, he is also healthy and everything seems to be right on track. Thank you to everyone who prayed along with me, may you constantly be a blessing to others. Anyway, I can’t really complain at this stage of my pregnancy since my appetite is back and that my tummy is slowly showing too! So I’ll just share with you some tips on how one can enjoy her pregnancy. I know that these may be hard to do on the first trimester but keep an open mind that once you’ve reached second trimester, things will get better.


For women who are conscious on what they eat and how much they eat well pregnancy gives you a chance to not care at all. Although there are some food exemptions that you should consider when pregnant, I say savor the moment and indulge on your cravings. Most pregnant women may lose their appetite on their first trimester (I can attest to this) so they find joy after the first trimester and enjoy eating for the next 6 months.


Let your family and friends treat you like a queen. While others don’t like the royal attention they get when they’re pregnant, others feel like it’s just right. I am one of the latter. It is not everyday that family and friends treat me a lil’ bit special so I jump on the chance and that is when I’m pregnant.


AKA the perks of pregnancy such as being able to use the disabled parking and restroom. As much as it sounds bad that you’re taking advantage, consider it as a privilege. While others find it wrong to use these privileges, I don’t for I have a sensitive pregnancy (both the first and now) and most of the time when I need to pee, I really have to pee and that cueing in long lines triggers even more my urge to pee! As for the disabled parking, I have only tried it once in a mall I frequent to mainly because my doctor advised me that I should avoid long walks and boy does that mall covers it. I have to admit I consider these few of the perks pregnancy gives.


Every pregnant woman I know is blooming. Blame it on the hormones but if one compliments you for your silky, smooth, shiny hair accept it wholeheartedly and let that feel good moment linger. You know happiness can really add that certain “pregnancy glow” so why not indulge in it? As for the comments that stings such as having a bad skin or having a big belly or large nose, don’t take these comments seriously. It is certainly not your fault that these are the reactions your body feels towards your hormonal imbalance. Just remember the compliments and shrug off the criticisms, after all you’ve got your hormones to thank and blame for so don’t take it personally.

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For the aches & body pains you feel carrying your little angel for 9 months, you definitely deserve to be pampered. Ask your OB if you’re good to get a prenatal massage. It will definitely relieve your sore and aching muscles and can help you with your breathing as it improves blood circulation in your body. Not up for a massage? Why not try and get a make over? A hair cut, a wax session or a nail spa? If you’re not up for it you can always go on a date with yourself and enjoy a feel good romcom movie and indulge on a tube of your favorite ice cream. Whatever floats your boat and as long as it’s safe for you and your baby, I say do it!


Working or not give yourself at least a day to sleep in. For the non-working pregnant women, take this chance to sleep. Remember that after nine months there will be few months of sleepless nights so catch up on sleep while you can. If you’re working take one weekend to sleep in, you can encourage your husband to rejuvenate and recharge along with you. Take it as a bonding for you and your husband without leaving the house and spending much (except if you turn the aircon on all day) heehee. This I am definitely guilty of! I feel guilty whenever I sleep along with Gabbie during her nap time but then I realize I’m pregnant and that I should take advantage while I can!


Most pregnant woman love the fact that their boobs get bigger as they come close to their due date while others notice they have a pretty nice big behind. Whatever body part is growing or glowing I say flaunt it. But don’t rely on your asset alone, it really takes an effort to look good & feel good most especially when you’re pregnant. If you’re a working preggo choose at least a day in the week to make an effort to feel extra beautiful by wearing something nice or adding an extra five minutes to fix your hair or put an eyeshadow. While for stay at home moms like me, I make sure whenever I go out on weekends that I’m presentable and pretty despite the effort & time it takes to look like one.


Nobody wants to see an unhappy pregnant woman. So smile and be proud that you’re able to carry another human being for 9 months. Who knows, you might be an inspiration to other women out there. That despite the struggle & discomforts pregnancy brings, at the end of the day it is rewarding and fulfilling. So flaunt your bloomingdale baby bump, remember a happy mommy creates a happy baby!


Hope these tips help other pregnant women enjoy their pregnancy. Hey it’s not easy but if you put your mind into it, it can definitely be.


Happy Hump Day! 🙂

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