Tips On How To Dress & Express Yourself.

I find it weird that I have been complimented with the way I dress even more after I gave birth to Gabbie. I have to admit I like dressing up but I’m no fashionista nor am I a fashion blogger. I like to categorize my blog as a lifestyle blog, wherein I post anything and everything that fancies me, one of which is sharing with you all my personal style.

I remember growing up I was very fond of wearing shirts and jeans. I’m not the typical tween or teenage girl who would make an effort and look pretty in pink. I’m exactly the total opposite! I’m tomboyish and all! But when I started doing castings for TV commercials, I’ve learned to dress neatly and properly for each role I auditioned for. I was once baduy (bad taste in fashion) I didn’t know what goes well with what and that I had to hear it from other people before I had the courage to do something about it.

There are a few things I’ve learned when it comes to dressing up, let me share with you all what they are:

1. Looking good DOESN’T have to be expensive.

This has been proven many times not only by regular people like me but I think celebrities and stylists can attest to this saying. The key is finding and looking at the right place and of course at the right time. The hidden treasure one finds in an ukay-ukay (thrift store), on Ebay and other online sites – these are the right places to go to for unique and one of a kind clothing pieces that can tickle your fancy. But if you’re not fond of buying and using second hand clothes, I suggest you save up and wait for the right time to buy them. Go ahead window shop, try and fit the clothes you want, you can even get the item code and take a picture of those you want but don’t buy it just yet. Ask the sales personnel as to when they’ll hold a sale, note it down on your calendar and I say shop til’ you drop! My closet is mainly composed of second hand clothes and of items I got on sale. I rarely buy clothes that aren’t on sale, if ever I do these clothes are reasonably priced or are gift from the husband 😉

2. Know your shape and size.

No matter how lovely or pretty a dress is, not having it in the right size can just make you look lousy in it. Yes, knowing what’s flattering for your body type/figure and choosing the right size for you is another factor in looking good. The image below will help you determine your body shape.

photo source

 I’m proud I have a banana/straight body! heehee because I have such body type, I have to highlight/emphasize my waist and form-fitting clothes are the most flattering for me. Although I’ve been experimenting with loose clothing, I always make it a point to highlight my waist by of course wearing a stand out belt. But now that I’m pregnant, I think I’m sticking with form-fitting clothes just to show off my growing belly :p

So once you know your body shape and body size, you can now search (Google it!) online what works best for you. From there, shopping and picking out clothes will be easier for you know what to avoid and what to highlight.

3. Personalize it.

The idea of dressing up for me is to show my individuality. So if you’re fond of the classic/ staple clothes then I guess the only way for your style to come out is by personalizing your overall look. Add a touch of YOU in your outfit. Say you like a certain color, wear a monotone outfit and add a pop of your favorite color. Not fond of clothes? Why not wear simple clothes like a nice fitted shirt and jeans with a statement shoes that spells YOU? There’s a big difference if you incorporate something personal in your style and outfits, it makes you feel extra special and based on my experience, it definitely makes me feel more confident with my chosen look.

4. Experiment.

Most commonly used word when expressing one’s self- experiment. While a lot of women would prefer sticking to styles they’ve grown accustomed to, I say it’s never too late to try new things especially when it comes to fashion. Well, fashion really does come and go. The only difference is how you wear and style the trends and call it your own. Neons, animal prints, aztec/tribal prints, color-blocking, monotone, pastels, hi-waist, even 60s to 90s fashion. Whatever it is it always comes back. Just experiment! Take inspiration on styles and looks that you find appealing. Cut out pegs from magazines or save images from sites and give it a twist as you incorporate accessories, colors and even wearing them differently to call it your own. I’m in my mid-twenties, a wife and a mom to a toddler and currently pregnant. I find it weird when people think they can’t wear a Dr. Marten’s boot just because they’re already a mom or they think they’re old to wear one. Seriously, it never really is too late to try something new especially when it comes to fashion. What I love about my style is I can go from classy to casual, grudge to pop, girly to boyish. I wear what I want as long as it’s appropriate to where I’m going.

5. Confidence & comfort.

Lastly, you have got to have the two Cs: confidence & comfort. No matter how pretty your style is and no matter how lovely you’ve pulled off an outfit, if you’re not comfortable and confident wearing it it will definitely show. It’s not enough to follow and do all four tips if you don’t follow this last tip. I believe it is the key that holds the look together. I’ve seen many pretty ladies who have what it takes to be very stylish but lack confidence & feel very uncomfortable in showing their own style. To help you become comfortable and confident, I suggest go into a dress rehearsal before actually wearing your chosen outfit in public. Take outfit shots at home to visualize what you’ll look, determine your posture, examine every angle if it highlights your assets and hides your flaws and practice on how you can effortlessly walk in it. It will definitely help you gain confidence at the same time feel comfortable showing off your style.

Whether you over do it by accessorizing or under do it by keeping it simple, remember that your style reveals a big part of who you are. 😉

Hope these tips help you create your own style!

As for my preggy style tips, check out Dainty Mom as I share a post about Pregnancy style. Thank you again Martine for the lovely feature!

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