The Go Woman

Hello, hello! I’m adding a new segment on my blog called The Go Woman. It’s a new category that will feature women that I know who exude qualities that basically says “I’M EVERY WOMAN” and “THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE”. Yes I just quoted from two women empowering songs heehee. These women need not to have their plates full as The Go Woman exudes confidence and inspires other women just by being who they are.


Each woman that I’ll be featuring will be asked for a sneak peek about their life (lakas maka-chismosa levels!), what inspires them and what they’re passionate about. They’ll also share tips and tricks on what makes them a Go Woman and of course they have to answer the question: “What makes you a Go Woman?” πŸ™‚

The Go Women will also talk about their life as a wife, homemaker, mother, single woman, career woman, mompreneur, traveller, student (or whatever role or title they hold)Β and everything else in between. They will also share their skin and hair care, beauty regimen and my favorite, personal style. You’ll also get a glimpse of what they’re passionate about (read: collections, hobbies, crafts, and all things pretty). Lastly, they’ll be sharing their musings, tricks and tips about what makes them a Go Woman!

This is going to be exciting! I’ll be featuring my first Go Woman hopefully this Januray 2013. Are you excited to get to know her?

Stay tuned as I reveal who she is very soon!

Happy Monday!




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