The Go Woman: Rossel Taberna

It’s the last day of January. Whaaat? I think 2013 is in a hurry just like 2012! I don’t like. Heehee Anyway, as promised I’m featuring one Go Woman every month and our first Go Woman is my good friend and mompreneur Rossel Taberna. I’ve given you all a little background of our friendship as seen here. So without further adieu, here’s her Go Woman feature exclusively for Go! Jackie Go.


Hi! For the record, please tell us a lil’ something about yourself and what keeps you occupied? 


I’m Rossel Velasco- Taberna, 27 years old, a mom of 2 lovely angels- Zoey (4years old) and Helga (3years old) and wife of hard- hitting Broadcast Journalist, Anthony Taberna.


I am also the Managing Director of OutBox Media Production Agency, an Events and Multi Media Company which I opened together with my college buddies right after we graduated from college way back 2006.


I also run a concept salon called The Blounge (Beauty Lounge), which is tagged, as the 1st Hi- tech salon in the Metro because we offer free use of Apple Ipads in all the cutting stations plus a very fast Internet connection in the lounge.


Recently, our family also expanded our small bakeshop named after my husband Tunying(s). It is currently sold in Pure Gold, Cabanatuan and we also welcome orders here in the Metro. We will also be open for franchising soon.


Sometimes, if my schedule permits, I will have a few modeling stints in print or T.V. advertisement but unlike before, I no longer go for go see’s or castings since I have a handful of job.

As you have noticed, I am a very busy person. I have chosen to be a career woman than a plain housewife and my equally busy husband has been very supportive of me from day one. To give you a short history, I married Anthony 1 year after I graduated from college and like a typical “fresh grad”, I wanted to explore the world and find my self-fulfillment. I also applied for different jobs back then but what truly made me flourished is managing my own business in line with the course that I have finished, Mass Communication.


Good thing about it is my time has been always flexible. I can still juggle my work with my family and my social life. I even bring my kids to the office sometimes. And my family is always present in all our events.

Can you share with us your skin and hair care plus your beauty regimen? Plus the products you love.


Part of my job is to look good all the times because as the owner of my businesses, I am always the one who face and deal with our clients.

In line with that, here’s a short list of my favorite hair and skin care products:

 rosseltabernaPantene NC Smoothness & Life Shampoo

Hair Care- shampoo, Pantene; conditioner, Cream Silk; hair spray- in treatment- Revlon


Body Soap- Dove Liquid Soap


Facial Wash- Ponds

Facial Toner- Ponds

Facial Cream- Ponds

Body Lotion- M&S Floral Collection

rosseltabernaMyra 400E bottle + capsule

The most important regimen for me is the daily in- take of Myra E capsule and Vitamin C tablet. No matter how consistent we are in putting different skin products, if our cells within are damaged, it will not reflect a beautiful and glowing skin so make sure to take any Vit E and Vit C tablet everyday.

All women love all things pretty. What can you say are your favorite things and why? 

I am a watch and sunnies collector. I see to it that I buy a piece or two whenever we go abroad. I started to collect watch and sunglasses only 2 years ago and as of now I have about 40 watches and 25 sunglasses. My favorites are the classic, Philip Stein watch and DKNY sunnies.


 rosseltabernaOAKLEY rosseltabernaMICHALE KORS rosseltabernaGUCCI rosseltabernaGUCCI 2 rosseltabernaFERRAGAMO rosseltabernaESCADA rosseltabernaDKNY rosseltabernaRAYBAN rosseltabernaPOLICE

I am also a make up lover. I in fact I enrolled and graduated from Make Up Design Academy before I decided to put up a salon. My personal brands are the following: Time Balm (concealer and foundation), Urban Decay (eye shadow and lippie), Revlon (face powder, eye liner, eye brow pencil and contour blush-on set), Smash Box (contour and high light set), and L’Oreal mascara.

rosseltabernaUrban Decay Naked palette 2 close up rosseltabernasb-kit rosseltabernaRevlon+Brow+Fantasy+Brunette rosseltabernaRevlon-PhotoReady-Blush-003-2_zpsea953ada rosseltabernacolorstay-pp-group_std rosseltabernac0bf515241b8d433_sips-stuff.preview rosseltaberna2009544-p-MULTIVIEW

I am also into bags but I only have a few of the branded and really expensive ones like LV and Gucci, the rest of my bags for my everyday use are my favorite Kate Spade and Coach Bags.

Can you also share with us your personal style when it comes to dressing up? Any brands that tickle your fancy? 


My body shape is really unpredictable (I can be slim at one time and bloat up on the next days because I am also a food- lover hehe!)  So mostly I choose to wear dress when I go out.

rosseltaberna4 rosseltaberna


It is also very safe for office use and for the after- office gimik or dinner.


rosseltaberna5 rosseltaberna6

I also love to wear dress during our events since it is usually formal.

rosseltabernaKATE SPADE

On ordinary days, you can usually see me in shorts, t- shirt and slippers and totally without make up!

My clothing brands are as follows: H&M, People R People, Forever 21, Cotton On, Esprit and Una Rosa.


Lastly, can you give tips/advice to my readers. (Anything that you’re currently busy with family, work, social life, fashion, hobby/collections) 

To all the readers of Go Jackie Go! Don’t be afraid to take risk- may it be in business or studies or decisions that you think will be really life- changing. Be bold and brave to try and explore new things and make sure to stand up and believe in yourself and what you want to achieve. Remember that it is much much easier to get up when you failed than to try to turn back time and say “what if I did this? And  “what if I did that?” Go for the gold and strive for the best! And in everything you do, let our Lord God be your greatest consultant and adviser.


What makes you a Go Woman?  


 *As told to Go! Jackie Go*

*All photos were provided by Rossel herself (some she found online)



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