That Long Vest

Rainy season is the perfect reason to layer. But layering can be tricky, especially if you live in Manila where it’s hot and humid in the morning and raining and windy in the afternoon. The trick when layering is wearing the right fabric and cut so you won’t end up sweating like a pig or freezing like a popsicle while possibly being stuck in crazy Manila traffic. Heehee.

My default dressing will always be a pretty dress. It always makes me look pretty and decent. While it’s easy to slip on a dress, styling it differently as to give it a new look is quite challenging. The secret? Layering. Add an outer wear such as a jacket, cardigan, vest or blazer to give your favorite dress a second life.

Mango_FF15_LongVest_JackieGo_1My style is pretty much made up of contrast: light & dark, plain & pattern, tight & loose, short and long.

Sticking to contrast makes it easy for me to inject my personality to the type of clothes I wear which later on becomes my personal style.
Mango_FF15_LongVest_JackieGo_2I have a thing for outer wear and have a dozen vests, blazers and the like. I’m adding this piece to my growing collection because it makes an outfit more stylish than it already is.

Mango_FF15_LongVest_JackieGo_3Who says you can’t wear a dress on a windy day?

Mango_FF15_LongVest_JackieGo_4High-low combination for that effortless style. 


For those who love wearing dresses like me, try experimenting and add a layer (an outer wear or perhaps a scarf) to your dress to give it a new look.

Mango_FF15_LongVest_JackieGo_7Again, contrast. For me, the combination of print and plain gives balance to my look.




Mango_FF15_LongVest_JackieGo_6dress and vest, MANGO

Congratulations MANGO for the re-opening of your Eastwood store. Bigger and brighter and you have included Mango Kids too. Yay!


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