Tech Tuesday: Laut Huex For MacBook Air

I have a few MacBook sleeves that I hoarded online. I like using them because they’re padded and I prefer my gadget bare from any casing mainly because most of the case I see, I find a bit bulky.

But since I like putting my laptop inside my bag– dumping is the operative word– I find using the sleeve makes it more bulky, leaving less room for my other things. So I let go of the sleeve whenever I lug around my MacBook. Yun lang eventually, my Air developed scratches and small dents which now made me regret it being bare.

It took me a few months to get over the battlescars of my Air. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to endure any added injury ‘coz I discovered Laut Huex case.


I got this is the mail a few weeks back. Though I wasn’t able to use it right away, I took advantage and brought it with me as we travel to Bohol for Holy Week.

LAUT combines tech with lifestyle and fashion through their products which are created to integrate into everyone’s lifestyle seamlessly while safeguarding their tech. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the brand takes pride in providing over 600 designs for Apple gadgets.


Made using ultra tough polycarbonate material with a silky smooth rubber coating, HUEX for MacBook is both highly durable and slick to the touch. Scratch resistant & quick to snap on, HUEX utilises rich and vibrant colour combinations to compliment your MacBook.


  • Scratch resistant & durable
  • Ultra light weight
  • Rubberized Coating
  • Easy to Snap On & Off


What I like about Laut Huex is it’s so easy to snap on and off. No need to jam the corners for it seamlessly fits like a glove. Also, I couldn’t help but run my hands on it every. single. time. The rubber coating makes it silky and smooth, I tell ya, I instantly formed a therapeutic habit whenever I open & close my MacBook. I just couldn’t resist!

Sleek & discreet design, Laut Huex is perfect for a minimalist who likes things simple yet functional. It also doesn’t add any weight–virtually weightless– which is another thing I like about it.

My MacBook Air doesn’t heat as much as it used all thanks to Laut Huex air flow– rows of cutout ledge found at the back case– that allows air to pass through. Also, I am so not bothered with the idea that my Air will incur more scratches ‘coz I know it’s protected.

LAUT HUEX for MacBook Air 11″ is at P1,350. It is officially distributed by Digits Trading and is available at all Digital Walker stores nationwide.


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