Teach Your Kid To Love Books

I love books! Back when I was younger I remember going to the library to browse and read books while waiting for my parents to pick me and my sisters up from school. Back then, I’d borrow two or three books at a time and would just read on my free time. Up until now, I love reading. I love going to bookstores especially when books are on sale. The same high I get when shopping for other sale items such as clothes and shoes and items for our home.

So one date night with the hubby while waiting for the movie to start, I dropped by Book Sale just to browse on some books. Normally, I would search for coffee table books, recipe books and those novels that are hard to find. But in this visit, I caught myself looking at children’s books. It’s only been the second time I’ve searched for books for Gabbie. Most of her books were given by her cousins and she even have a set collection of Mickey Mouse that were from her dad which are around 25 years old!

Anyway, since Gabbie loves Elmo and Seasame Street, I was giddy when I saw these book and immediately bought them.

Easy to read books for toddlers.

Because Gabbie doesn’t like it when I read her books that have more than a few sentences per page, she gets bored right away. She’d rather explore and look at the illustrations and point characters, colors and things. It’s actually a good way of teaching her things and interacting with her.

Animals+ Sesame Street characters= WINNER!

Bubbles & babies equals cuteness overload!

Because I love and want to collect Mr. & Ms. books coz they’re fun, educational and easy to read.

Now there’s three!

And lastly, because Gabbie will be an Achie (ate, older sister) in a months time, I bought this book so she can better understand where babies come from once her Shoti (younger brother) is born.

Just like her mom and dad, Gabbie was very much excited as I showed her her new books. She was ecstatic more than having new toys, immediately she had me read them to her one by one. Soon when she’s a bit older, we’ll buy and start collecting on Dr. Seuss books.

It’s never too early to start and expose your kids with books. You don’t have to spend much, ask for relatives for copies and search for second hand books just like we did.

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  1. says

    I agree! That is why when I saw the magical story books, I bought them right away. My 14 month old Baby girl and I are reading them everynight before going to bed. She even browse the books on her own every now and then. : )

  2. says

    Hey Jackie! Great finds! i will look for Where do Babies come from when i get the chance to visit Book Sale. I hope they have more copies. Might be helpful for Troy to better understand why he ‘came out of mommy’s tummy’ 😛

  3. says

    Hi Jackie! Came across this post today lang. Im having my reading & language arts classes this sem. Will be happy to share with you my notes when we see each other. Super insightful (theory + practice) especially when it comes to developing children’s genuine love for reading. 🙂 And yes, BookSale is HEAVEN! 🙂

    • jackiego says

      Hi Nyc, sige ba! She loves books kasi. Well more like looking at pictures heehee but sana when she start school this November she’ll enjoy reading it more!

  4. aireen c. dela rosa says


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