Let’s Go For A Picnic


Summeeeeerrrr. The scorching heat prompts me to wear light fabrics and anything short. But sometimes, I find wearing just a plain tank top and shorts too casual even for a trip to the mall. Recently, I've learned to love kimonos instead of cardigans (wearing one is a no-no during summer). Kimonos have been currently favorite piece to achieve that layered look. I'd like to think they've become a must in every woman's wardrobe. You know, I never really thought I'd like kimonos, for the longest ... [ Read More ]

Garden Party


Summer's here! And yet I find myself wearing black, sequins and shiny shimmery splendid. Oh well towel! I must remind myself that summer here is scorching hot so I must wear light colored clothes or at least opt to go with the whole summery feel. Well we'll see. Anyway, here's an outfit I wore when we watched The Gruffalo Live In Manila. I've worn this dress before as seen here. You know, a change in shoes and accessories can make all the difference. THE ... [ Read More ]

Candy Stripes


My oh my, I forgot to post this outfit as the photos were piled from one folder to another! This is what I wore during the Trick Or Treat of lil' Ms. GJG and lil' Mr. GJG. If you're a hands on mom your least priority would have to be yourself. While it is fun to dress up my kids, I was also in the mood to go with the Halloween vibe and decided that despite not having a costume at least I went with the color scheme. Scored this candy colored blazer at Forever 21 MOA opening. I always ... [ Read More ]

Rebel Sweetheart


 So this is what I wore one date night Saturday when the husband and I decided to try our luck in the casino. The security guards from different entry points kept on asking my age. I smile as I answer them that I am of legal age. Natawa lang ako, ano toh teenage pregnancy?! But I took it as a compliment though. It's not everyday I was asked if I'm of legal age, it's usually the husband who's doubted if he's legal or not! :p Sporting my 34 weeks belly. It must be my pink lipchook that ... [ Read More ]