Modest In Midi


 The midi skirt trend has gotten me.  I once wasn't a fan of this alanganing (uncertain length) skirt as I prefer short skirts because they look more chic and girly. Now I find myself liking midi-skirts because they're pretty comfy to wear and they make me look all girly without worrying of having a Manilyn Monroe moment while walking around the metro. There are so many ways to wear a midi-skirt and I have a few more ideas on what to pair it with which hopefully I can shoot and share next time. ... [ Read More ]

Disco Night


Disco! Dancing! New Year's Eve! Wait, do people even use the word DISCO?! Eeeep. Medyo na-reveal ang age and I'm sure the baguettes (bagets=young) attribute it to the time of their grandparents. Anyway, where are you folks spending New Year's Eve? I'm sure the baguettes are off to partaaaaay, while the kids sleep through the night. As for the middle-aged folks like me? Well, we might just stay in and watch the fireworks as it lit up the sky. Still, should we decide to go disco dancing (OMG, ... [ Read More ]

Cool Down


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get to know myself more through a two day retreat. It was an insightful weekend as I was able to disconnect myself temporarily from the different roles and jobs that I have to fulfill everyday. With a recharged spirit and a better mindset, I feel free and confident in continuing on with my purpose everyday. It was such a treat to cool down and let go. I wasn't really planning on taking any OOTD shots during my two day Discovery Your Core (by One Life ... [ Read More ]

Valentina Wanting A Valentino


Nope, this post doesn't revolve around a love story of a girl named Valentina who wants a guy named Valentino. Although, it is quite similar. You see, I've been dreaming for so long for this coveted Valentino "Rockstud" as what my friend Tin aka Manila Fashion Observer dons. Klaazzzz. Hahahay! I want the nude heels of this Valention "Rockstud". But until I win the lottery, or someone would sell this that's willing to be paid in instalment, then I shall just dream and swoon over Tin's and ... [ Read More ]



I couldn't think much of a better title for this outfit. Akshuli, I was thinking "school girl" but then I already did an OOTD post of that when I was pregnant. So, I settled for "pa-preppy" because this post really reminds me of prep girl's uniform sans the necktie and shoes. Back when I was in school, I've always observed that there's always a school uniform issue, particularly with the skirt length. Schools always impose a policy where students should wear skirts just above or below the knee. ... [ Read More ]