Valentina Wanting A Valentino


Nope, this post doesn't revolve around a love story of a girl named Valentina who wants a guy named Valentino. Although, it is quite similar. You see, I've been dreaming for so long for this coveted Valentino "Rockstud" as what my friend Tin aka Manila Fashion Observer dons. Klaazzzz. Hahahay! I want the nude heels of this Valention "Rockstud". But until I win the lottery, or someone would sell this that's willing to be paid in instalment, then I shall just dream and swoon over Tin's and ... [ Read More ]



I couldn't think much of a better title for this outfit. Akshuli, I was thinking "school girl" but then I already did an OOTD post of that when I was pregnant. So, I settled for "pa-preppy" because this post really reminds me of prep girl's uniform sans the necktie and shoes. Back when I was in school, I've always observed that there's always a school uniform issue, particularly with the skirt length. Schools always impose a policy where students should wear skirts just above or below the knee. ... [ Read More ]

Let’s Go For A Picnic


Summeeeeerrrr. The scorching heat prompts me to wear light fabrics and anything short. But sometimes, I find wearing just a plain tank top and shorts too casual even for a trip to the mall. Recently, I've learned to love kimonos instead of cardigans (wearing one is a no-no during summer). Kimonos have been currently favorite piece to achieve that layered look. I'd like to think they've become a must in every woman's wardrobe. You know, I never really thought I'd like kimonos, for the longest ... [ Read More ]

Garden Party


Summer's here! And yet I find myself wearing black, sequins and shiny shimmery splendid. Oh well towel! I must remind myself that summer here is scorching hot so I must wear light colored clothes or at least opt to go with the whole summery feel. Well we'll see. Anyway, here's an outfit I wore when we watched The Gruffalo Live In Manila. I've worn this dress before as seen here. You know, a change in shoes and accessories can make all the difference. THE ... [ Read More ]

Candy Stripes


My oh my, I forgot to post this outfit as the photos were piled from one folder to another! This is what I wore during the Trick Or Treat of lil' Ms. GJG and lil' Mr. GJG. If you're a hands on mom your least priority would have to be yourself. While it is fun to dress up my kids, I was also in the mood to go with the Halloween vibe and decided that despite not having a costume at least I went with the color scheme. Scored this candy colored blazer at Forever 21 MOA opening. I always ... [ Read More ]