Style Series: White T-Shirt


This week's Style Series focuses on the basic white T-shirt. The past days' average temperature is around 36 degrees celsius. It's as if Manila is right beside the sun! Medyo Jirita Jackson (kinda irritating) dressing up only to be drenched in sweat no. So anything easy, breezy and light is the ultimate outfit for summer. What else best fits this category than a white T-shirt? The best thing about investing on basics such as this white T-shirt is that you get to have so many unlimited options ... [ Read More ]

Style Series: Shorts


For the second style series, we give attention to shorts. Denim, colored, cut off, short shorts, bermuda shorts and every other kind. I, personally like wearing shorts most of time, if not, on a daily basis. And because it's part of the style series, of course its a staple piece in one's wardrobe. Unless you really dislike wearing one. For me, denim shorts is as staple as a WBD shirt. I like wearing shorts, like dresses, I can live in them. But sometimes wearing them with a shirt or a tank top ... [ Read More ]

Let’s Go For A Picnic


Summeeeeerrrr. The scorching heat prompts me to wear light fabrics and anything short. But sometimes, I find wearing just a plain tank top and shorts too casual even for a trip to the mall. Recently, I've learned to love kimonos instead of cardigans (wearing one is a no-no during summer). Kimonos have been currently favorite piece to achieve that layered look. I'd like to think they've become a must in every woman's wardrobe. You know, I never really thought I'd like kimonos, for the longest ... [ Read More ]

Bluer Than Blue

Bluer Than Blue

Here's an outfit that's perfect for a lazy day. It's also very apt to wear when you're commuting. The title of this post says it all so don't be too surprised when all you see here is blue. ;) Monotone ba kamo? By mixing and matching different shades of blue, you create interest instead of boredom. Denim on denim. Why not? :) I'm so in love with this Yosi Samra pair! Buttery soft leather that perfectly hugs your feet. Thanks Kelly Medina for taking my photos! ;) THE OUTFITEY: Navy ... [ Read More ]



Here's an outfit that's perfect for Throwback Thursday. Perfect in two ways: The clothes, particularly the skorts are so vintage and this was shot months ago! Heehee. Bipolar weather can mean one thing: Hasslehoff in dressing up! Lately the weather's been so weird, it's so summery sunny in the morning then it rampantly rains come afternoon. It's that time of the year where you can do layering and matching. Choose light fabrics that are easy to layer and match short pieces of clothing with long ... [ Read More ]