Lactations Sweets From Mommy Treats


I have shared with you my breastfeeding experience before and I've been getting a few questions as how I can share tips to increase my milk supply. Well it's no secret that I've raved about one of the many things that has greatly helped me with my breastfeeding journey, Mommy Treats. How Mommy Treats Began Did you know what Mommy Treats came about from my own failures with breastfeeding? I was a struggling first time mom then. No yaya, no breastfeeding support group, tremendous doubts ... [ Read More ]

DermaPro: Safe For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women


For the pregnant women, I'm sure you all know how frustrating it is that we are only limited to do things that can make us feel good and feel pretty, of course shopping is at the top of our minds. But what I'm saying is the pampering and the beautifying we all do when we're not expecting or when we're done being milk machines to our babies. The typical don'ts of pregnancy include getting a massage and having skin treatments that are said to affect the baby you're carrying. Luckily in this ... [ Read More ]

Hello Second Trimester


I am now on my 15th week of pregnancy. The good news is that my first trimester is over (hooray) which means I am less sensitive now and my pregnancy symptoms have almost come to a halt. Same with my pregnancy with G, as soon as I reached my second trimester my morning sickness, nausea and headache have diminished and my appetite is starting to get back on track. Even though I am no newbie when it comes to pregnancy, I still get a little confused as to what week I'm in and what trimester my ... [ Read More ]

Tried & Tested: Pigeon’s Breast Pump & Feeding Set

Breastfeeding. a phase every mom goes through, but nobody said it was easy. Both my mom and mother-in-law (MIL) didn't breastfeed. Both of them was traumatized and that using manual pump (which was the only thing available then) didn't really helped them express milk. I have undergone all the bumps in breastfeeding -- Mastitis , Breast engorgement , nipple sore, nipple crack, and so on, you name it. No matter how prepared I was reading books and researching (while I was still pregnant), it's ... [ Read More ]