DermaPro: Safe For Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women

For the pregnant women, I’m sure you all know how frustrating it is that we are only limited to do things that can make us feel good and feel pretty, of course shopping is at the top of our minds. But what I’m saying is the pampering and the beautifying we all do when we’re not expecting or when we’re done being milk machines to our babies.

The typical don’ts of pregnancy include getting a massage and having skin treatments that are said to affect the baby you’re carrying. Luckily in this modern day and age, there are establishments that offer these services that is guaranteed safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

And I’ve discovered DermaPro.

Married, pregnant, and in dermatology residency training.  In 2010, we found out that the glow of motherhood does not occur daily over the entire period of nine months and the indefinite time of breastfeeding, and that there are some days that you just have to work at it.  Working at it proved a little more difficult as pampering in the form of facials, massages, and nail treatments was becoming an ever-shrinking option. In a unique position to fill a need, in 2012, we decided to open our first dermatology clinic on Wilson Street, San Juan that included treatments that were safe and effective for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. -Candy & Feliz

DermaPro was established by two young dermatologists who believe that taking care of yourself doesn’t stop when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding your child. Dra.Christine Joan Villaroman-Tuliao (Candy) and Dra. Maria Natalia Orig- Palma (Feliz) the women behind the brand were both pregnant back in 2010, it prompted them the idea of putting up a haven where pregnant & breastfeeding women can feel good by looking good without worrying about harming their babies with chemicals & procedures. They’ve been friends since med school and took their dermatology residency training in Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center and they’re both diplomates of the Philippine Dermatological Society.

Candy still holds clinic at Medical City’s satellite clinic in Gateway Mall, Cubao while Feliz still holds clinic in Westgate Medical & Dental Suites in Alabang and in Fortmed Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

I had the chance to meet Feliz & Candy briefly last week and got a quick look at their clinic. I have to say, it’s very chic and homey at the same time. It made me want to linger more and have my treatment made, I felt like I can stay there all day. But because I’m on my last stretch of pregnancy, I have last minute events and meetings to attend to so I’m hoping I can go back soon.

Here’s a look a their lovely clinic.

Receiving area.

Consultation room.

Treatment rooms.

Modern treatment machines, only the best for their clients.

Don’t get intimidated by how sleek & modern DermaPro’s facilities are, their services are reasonably priced but uncompromised. Not to mention Dra. Feliz & Candy are very accommodating and can answer any (or in my case, a lot of) questions you have in mind that concerns you about your skin, hair or even nails. If you’re not sure of what treatment to get, call them to schedule a consultation and have a customized treatment plan specifically made for you.

Here’s their list of services that’s suitable for both men & women.



A quick facial for that individual on the go.  It includes deep pore cleansing that removes dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads while improving skin circulation. A quick fix when 30 minutes is all that time you can spare.


Cleansing Facial is individually designed for normal to dry skin.  It includes deep pore cleansing, a gentle facial massage, and mask.  It removes dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads while providing moisture to dull-looking skin. A perfect maintenance treatment.


Brightening Facial is designed to lighten and even out skin tone.  The combination of deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask with fruit acids, and a skin lightening serum reduces discoloration and acne marks.  The treatment of choice for individuals who want a clearer and glowing complexion.


Anti-Acne Facial is uniquely designed for acne-prone patients.  It includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and is followed by a quick dry acne mask to lessen inflammation.  This is best combined with an anti-acne nightly regimen.


Anti-Aging Facial is best suited for skin with fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.  It includes an intensive moisturizing treatment with a soothing massage, followed by use of an age-defying mask containing vitamin C and collagen.  Finally, a serum containing collagen is applied.  This treatment will result in  supple, younger-looking skin.


Designed for men, this facial includes cleansing and toning, effectively eliminating impacted dead skin and bacteria from pores.  It helps lift ingrown hairs, lessen irritation, and improve skin tone.  The tension-relieving facial, neck, and shoulder massage is the highlight of this treat.


Even people with sensitive skin can avail of facial services with the advent of chemical-free, hypoallergenic cleansers, moisturizers and masks.  A perfect facial for pregnant and lactating women for a different glow of motherhood or for teens with sensitive skin.


Back Facial is perfect for those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin.  A great way to prepare for swimsuit season or that special low back dress.



This is a non-invasive procedure using radiofrequency technology, which uses controlled heat to promote collagen remodeling in the dermis without damaging the outer layers of the skin.  It lifts and tightens the skin as well as improves skin tone and texture.  It can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Overall effect is younger-looking skin with a healthy glow with zero downtime.


Botox is used for temporary reduction of facial lines and wrinkles.  A solution is injected into the facial muscles that causes stubborn lines between brows, around eyes, and on the forehead to soften or disappear.  Ten minutes, a few tiny injections, and a few days is all it takes to see noticeable



This treatment uses intense pulse light (IPL) to lighten age spots, freckles, fines lines, and improve spider veins


A peel is a skin renewal method for the skin’s surface.  It is an excellent procedure for individuals with facial blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, uneven skin tone, dull complexion, wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin damage caused by the sun.


Recommended for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, discoloration, and sun-damaged skin


Removes dead skin cells by using fruit extract acids.  It treats pigmentation problems, acne, fine lines, large pores, and uneven skin tone.  Referred to as “lunchtime peel,” it is a relative quick process.  Continued sessions reveal noticeable result in just six weeks.


A combination of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) with lactic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), plumping phyto hormones, kojic acid, and azelaic acids.  This special formulation produces dramatic results without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional TCA peels.


Gently exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal new and smooth skin.  This non-chemical procedure eliminates post-acne scars, reduces dark spots, and other superficial blemishes.  The procedure of choice to achieve the “no make -up” look. May be combined, under the doctor’s supervision, with our signature facials.


Underarm discoloration may be caused by several factors.  Thickening of skin in the area due to constant friction may be treated with sessions of chemical peel to remove layers of dark skin, revealing brighter, newer skin cells.  Consult our dermatologist if this treatment is right for you.



A non-invasive, safe way of body contouring specifically designed for areas with excess fats and loose skin.  It stimulates fat cell metabolism and helps eliminate cellulite.  It also promotes better blood flow and lymphatic drainage and improves skin tone.


A revolutionary technology in body contouring targeted towards reduction of localized fat and cellulite through low frequency ultrasound waves.  It safely breaks fat cells without affecting other adjacent structures by using special manipulation techniques


A non-surgical procedure for weight loss and body sculpting using microinjections into specific areas with undesired pockets of fats such as double chin, love handles, and post-pregnancy bulges.


A combination treatment that involves dissolving the excess fats through Ultrasound Cavitation followed by the Non-invasive Ultra-sculpting Procedure to assist with fat shrinkage and skin tightening.  This procedure improves skin textures and lightens stretchmarks.


A combination treatment that involves dissolving the excess fats through Meso-Lipo followed by the Non-invasive Ultra-sculpting Procedure to assist with fat shrinkage and skin tightening.  This procedure improves skin textures and lightens stretchmarks.  Also recommended to improve the appearance of post-pregnancy striae.



Intense pulsed light technology is a safe, pain-free treatment that helps decrease acne breakouts by minimizing oil formation.  May be combined with anti-acne facial and anti-acne home regimen for best results.


Acne Scar Therapy uses microneedling to induce collagen production, improving skin texture by lifting depressed acne scars.  The microneedling technique also creates microscopic channels with direct access to the dermis for delivery of stem cell that will augment scar improvement.


Microneedling with stem cell can stimulate hair growth, suppress hair loss, and increase blood flow to the hair follicles.  The combined result: hair restoration for male pattern baldness.


Intense pulsed light technology safely removes unwanted hair with minimal discomfort.  The number of sessions, at four week intervals, is dependent on the hair type and area.  A practical solution to weekly wax burns, ingrown hair, and razor cuts.


A non-surgical option to treat unsightly spider veins.  Injection of a sclerosing agent shrinks the veins with minimal discomfort.  The number of sessions, spaced every two to three weeks, is dependent on the severity of the condition.  Evaluation by a dermatologist is advised.


This procedure stimulates production of new collagen, thereby reducing the appearance of stretchmarks and improving skin texture. May be combined with alternating sessions of diamond peel.



Acne Surgery


Intralesional Steroid Injection



Skin Biopsy


Intravenous Glutathione Injection with Vitamin C

Common Wart Removal

I’m quite excited to try one of their services that I’ve been meaning to undergo even before I was pregnant with Gabbie. And when I do, I can’t wait to share with you all what happens and the end result of it.

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DermaPro Clinic

200 Wilson Street San Juan, 1502 Manila, Philippines

Open from Monday – Sunday:10:00 am-8:00 pm

Phone & Mobile number: +6322341354, +63917 8328399

Email: [email protected]

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