Support Always Gets You Going, A Father’s Day Post

As I said on my Mother’s Day post, Mr. GJG isn’t a fan of these made up celebrations. But I know somehow I am. So I’m writing a Father’s Day post in honor of all the fathers and of course my husband, the father of my kids, Mr. GJG. There’s no doubt that dads really do play a big role when it comes to raising a child and molding him to be his own person. Production pa lang, important na! On a more serious note, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my husband for a job well done in providing for our family and for being the best dada that he can be for our children. I’ve actually written a post on the past two Father’s day here and here.

In the many trials Mr. GJG & I have been through together as a couple, it isn’t part of our relationship to fight. I’ve always raised this as a concern because I know fighting is healthy and important in any relationship. But I guess we both know naman what issues to avoid or at least react to issues the best way we can, thus we seldom if not don’t fight. But now that we are parents to two lovely kids, I find ourselves arguing over the little things every day brings. Where to eat, what to do, who does what, are just some of the generic issues we have different suggestions and opinions to. Weird no? But one thing I have to say that we constantly know we need to give to each other is support. Mr. GJG knows our kids and I too well that when something would make us happy, despite the hassle and effort it brings, he would support us all the way.

Mr. GJG’s support was very evident the moment we learned I was pregnant with lil’ Mr. GJG. I told him, unlike with Gabbie & my unsuccessful journey to breastfeeding, I want this time around to really try to breastfeed. That no matter how much I cry & complain on how painful it is, he would not give in to buying formula milk. His encouraging words persevered as I struggled during the first few weeks establishing my milk supply. I was determined and his constant support gave me enough will power to continue breastfeeding. Now my lil’ Mr. GJG is almost 10 months and is still exclusively breastfed.

He is also very supportive when it comes to my blog. At times when I needed to write or attend events, he would willingly watch over the kids and would let me have my time to blog or have my time away from home. He knew that blogging for me was something that I needed and wanted to do because it has become a part of me and that it has inspired others. He knew it was important to me and he respected my decision to pursue blogging despite running a household, taking care of two kids, and currently being maidless/yayaless.

I know most wives and moms can relate to me. That our husbands support is equally important in taking the first step in any endeavor that we want to pursue. There’s a saying that behind every great man is a woman, but I also believe that behind every happy wife & mom, there’s a loving husband and a great dad.

Most of the time, support is all we need. Who better to give us the support we need than our husbands right? It helps to know that our partner is the first person who is equally and genuinely happy for us. Without their support, trying and making an effort to do something that we believe in won’t be as easy.

To my husband who’s been the best dad to our kids, thank you. Thank you for all the support and love you’re giving our family. For being a great provider by working hard. For making sacrifices along with me. For taking time to bond with our kids in your own unusual way. For keeping up with lil’ Ms. GJG, your daddy’s little girl. For waking up in the middle of the night to put lil’ Mr. GJG back to sleep whenever I’m completely, totally drained. For cooking to us your imbento recipes. For riding the progressive parenting boat with me. For supporting me with my breastfeeding and blogging journeys. Most especially, thank you for being in love with our family and loving me unconditionally.


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I know dads don’t get much recognition and sometimes even feel neglected when it comes to giving credit to parenting and the journey of raising kids, but today is the day you guys are celebrated. To all the dads who are the foundation of their family, you deserve this day and a bottle of beer for doing an awesome job!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the world!




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    awww!! happy father’s day Mr GJG! and I’m happy you have him by your side and with you when you started your breastfeeding journey! 😉

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